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Update Comprehensive Housing Element and Zoning Code Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD Inform Jurisdictions about Seymour Johnson AFB housing services     Short-Term    Long-Term Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD HA-2D HA-2C Issue / Strategy  Update Comprehensive Plan Housing Element to include policies that recognize and reflect housing need associated with Seymour Johnson AFB and to ensure there is sufficient land designated on the Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map to meet the demand. Inform local realtor associations about the Seymour Johnson AFB Housing Management Office services and how new personnel are informed of local housing options to promote housing availability in the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County. Other Partner: North Carolina Association of Realtors LAND / AIR / SEA SPACES (LAS) LAS-1 Potential for Increased Use of Military Training Routes Concern that increased use of Military Training Routes could exacerbate impacts on areas of overflight in northeast North Carolina. LAS-1A DCR MIA Convene a Regional Overflight Working Group to Evaluate the Cumulative Effects of Increased Use of Military Airspace Long-Term         Convene a Regional Overflight Working Group to conduct a study on the cumulative impacts of increased use of military airspa H[Y[Z[]\BZ[[]\[H\H[H[H[Y][ۈوLHZ\ܘYۈBܝX\ܝ\[HTYH\XK]X[YHH[ܙ[Y[[[\Xق[ܙX\Y\YHۈ]\و[\N]\[ \ܚX[[\[\\\˜[XۛZXXX[]Hو\\X[ۜ[HY[ۋ^ܙH[B^[[\ۈQ[\H[H[HT\ܝYH L