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Issue / Strategy appearances, speaking engagements, educational seminars, open houses, media engagements, exhibits, press and news release and publication development/distribution that enhances the Air Forces’ strategic value within the community and strengthens the community support base. Consideration should be given to a broad mix of outreach channels including in person, print, video, and digital tools such as websites, social media, and podcasts and support from area jurisdictions and organizations. Include engagement with other military branches as part of the Outreach Plan to identify and integrate shared communication opportunities for broader messaging of all military influences within the northeast North Carolina JLUS Study Area. COM-1B DCR Coordination MAA Seek Funding for Public Outreach to Northeast North Carolina COM-1C DCR Coordination MAA Enhance Public Notification to Northeast North Carolina Short-Term          On-Going    Seymour Johnson AFB should annually seek funding from federal sources to conduct public outreach activities that focus on public education and advocacy for the missions at the Dare County Range. When possible and appropriate, enhance notification efforts to the northeast North Carolina JLUS Study Area for events that occur outside or in addition to the normal training schedule. Notifications should be available during all times of the day and include a point of contact in all notifications. Notification techniques should include but not be limited to:    Seymour Johnson AFB Facebook / Twitter Public Service Announcements Seymour Johnson AFB Strike Eagle news   Page 82 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report