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Issue / Strategy Commission, Regional Conservation Committee (Strategy BIO-1A) Other Partners: NC Department of Environmental Quality, North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, NC Division of Coastal Management, North Carolina Coastal Federation, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Tyrrell County Administration, Soil and Water Conservation Districts BIO-2C DCR Coordination MAA Continue to Pursue Hydrology Restoration Projects for Habitat Value On-Going           Continue to identify and pursue partnering opportunities for hydrology restoration projects that restore the water regime more closely resembling historic conditions in support of management efforts to provide quality habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds. Other Primary Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife and its National Wildlife Refuges, The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Wetland Reserve Program, NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund, Albemarle Pamlico National Estuary Program, other Trust Funds For another strategy that addresses this issue see Strategy CA-1C. CLIMATE ADAPTATION (CA) CA-1 Long-Term Sea Level Rise Impact at Dare County Range Sea level rise potential may impact long-term operational capability of current facilities and weapon systems / platforms at the Dare County Range if strategic land use planning strategies and / or weapon / target system planning strategies are not implemented CA-1A DCR Coordination Assess Sea Level Rise Impacts at the Dare County Range Seymour Johnson AFB should work with Dare County, NC Division of Coastal Long-Term       Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Page 79