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BIO-2 Waterfowl Management in Areas Surrounding Dare County Range Waterfowl could be impacted by military overflight particularly during breeding and migration seasons, working against investments that have been made to protect these species. Need to protect local and migratory waterfowl in areas surrounding the Dare County Range. BIO-2A DCR Coordination MAA Continue to Monitor Regional Waterfowl Impacts Issue / Strategy Mid-Term     Mid-Term     Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range; NC Department of Environmental Quality; NC Division of Parks and Recreation; and Hyde, Tyrrell and Dare counties, should work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to continue to monitor the impacts of military overflight on waterfowl habitat and migration in areas surrounding the Dare County Range and share ongoing findings with JLUS partners. Primary Lead Partner: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Other Primary Partners: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Regional Conservation Committee (Strategy BIO-1A) Other Partners: NC Department of Environmental Quality, North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, NC Division of Coastal Management, North Carolina Coastal Federation, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Tyrrell County Administration, Soil and Water Conservation Districts BIO-2B DCR Coordination MAA Develop and Implement a Regional Waterfowl Management Plan Based on the outcome of the Waterfowl Study results in BIO-2A, develop and implement a Regional Waterfowl Management Plan to promote the health of resident and migratory waterfowl communities including impacts of military overflight on migratory patterns and habitat. Other Primary Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources   Page 78 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report