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• High‐Tech Agricultural Equipment. Many farms are moving towards technologically advanced equipment to improve efficiency of farming which includes the use of aerial applicators (manned aircraft and drones) that could potentially extend into airspace of low‐level Military Training Routes. • Future Cell Towers. Additional cell towers are needed to provide coverage in northeast North Carolina jurisdictions which could conflict with military training operational areas. Vibration (V) Vibration is an oscillation or motion that alternates in opposite directions and may occur as a result of an impact, explosion, noise, mechanical operation, or other change in the environment. Vibration may be caused by military and / or civilian activities. The aviation mission at Seymour Johnson does not employ aircraft with flight characteristics that typically cause vibration such as slow flight of rotary‐wing aircraft (helicopter), high‐speed aircraft that produce supersonic boom events, or flight lower than 500 ft. AGL. However, the other branches of the Armed Forces utilize different aircraft that have differing operating characteristics including rotary‐wing aircraft that fly slower and have a greater potential to cause vibration. The following Vibration issues were identified: • Vibration Impacts from Low‐Level Flight Activity. Vibration from low‐level fixed‐wing and rotary‐wing aircraft overflight in Restricted Areas, Military Operating Areas and Military Training Routes has the ability to cause physical property damage. Page 56 Seymour Johnson AFB and D  High‐Tech Agricultural Equipment. Many farms are moving towards  technologically advanced equipment to improve efficiency of farming  which includes the use of aerial applicators (manned aircraft and  drones) that could potentially extend into airspace of low‐level  Military Training Routes.   Future Cell Towers. Additional cell towers are needed to provide  coverage in northeast North Carolina jurisdictions which could conflict  with military training operational areas.  Vibration (V) Vibration is an oscillation or motion that alternates in opposite directions  and may occur as a result of an impact, explosion, noise, mechanical  operation, or other change in the environment.  Vibration may be caused by  military and / or civilian activities. The aviation mission at Seymour Johnson  does not employ aircraft with flight characteristics that typically cause  vibration such as slow flight of rotary‐wing aircraft (helicopter), high‐speed  aircraft that produce supersonic boom events, or flight lower than   500 ft. AGL. However, the other branches of the Armed Forces utilize  different aircraft that have differing operating characteristics including  rotary‐wing aircraft that fly slower and have a greater potential to cause  vibration.  The following *f'&F*77VW<*vW&\*FVFfVC*f'&F*7G<*g&*~( WfV*fƖvL*7FfG*f'&F*g&*~( WfV*fVN( v|*L*&F'( v|*&7&gL*fW&fƖvL**&W7G&7FVL*&V2*֖ƗF'*W&F|*&V<*L*֖ƗF'*G&|*&WFW<*<*F\*&ƗG*F*6W6\*66*&W'G*FvR**vRS`6WW"6d"BF&R6VG&vRU2&W'