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perception that the military acknowledges the impacts experienced in these areas from overflight and to build regional support for Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range. • Coordination with Northeast North Carolina Counties. Lack of coordination between Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range and northeast North Carolina counties, cities and towns on planning and land use issues leading to lack of information sharing and coordinated evaluation of reciprocal development impacts. • Communication / Coordination between Wayne County, City of Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson AFB regarding Development Review. While Seymour Johnson AFB and jurisdictions may engage in informal verbal and electronic communications, there is no formalized reciprocal coordination that delineates points of contact, types of projects, review timeframes, roles and responsibilities, or acknowledgement of Session Law 2014‐79 between Seymour Johnson AFB and the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County for review of development plans. • Communication / Coordination between Northeast North Carolina Counties and Seymour Johnson AFB regarding Development Review. There is no formalized reciprocal consultation between Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range and northeast North Carolina counties, cities, and towns for review of development plans. • Mutual Aid for Fire Management / EMS between Dare County Range and Surrounding Counties. Need for formal Memorandum of Understanding to provide mutual aid for Fire Management / Emergency Medical Services with Dare County Range due to the remoteness of the Range location and rural nature of surrounding counties. • Awareness of Communication Procedures Seymour Johnson / Dare County Range Re and / or Concerns. Local jurisdictions and to contact at Seymour Johnson AFB / Dar concerns, complaints or coordination. • Coordination with the Military on Cell Tow counties currently request FAA Obstructi cell towers, the military is only notified if minimum FAA criteria. • Coordination of Flight Activities between Dare County Range and Other Military and Albemarle Sound. Need for coordination Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Ran government agencies over Albemarle Sou • Lack of Information to Public on Water Ra for use of the water among recreational b spaces need to be cleared where restrict areas, and military training routes begin a training and operations are occurring thr Dust / Smoke / Steam (DSS) Dust results from the suspension of particulate smoke) can be created by fire (controlled or pre burning, and artillery exercises), ground disturb military operations, grading), industrial activitie Dust, smoke and steam are compatibility issues impact flight operations (such as reduced visibil damage). The following Dust / Smoke / Steam is Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report perception that the military acknowledges the impacts experienced in  these areas from overflight and to build regional support for  Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range.         Coordination with Northeast North Carolina Counties. Lack of  coordination between Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range and  northeast North Carolina counties, cities and towns on planning and  land use issues leading to lack of information sharing and coordinated  evaluation of reciprocal development impacts.  Communication / Coordination between Wayne County, City of  Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson AFB regarding Development Review.  While Seymour Johnson AFB and jurisdictions may engage in   informal verbal and electronic communications, there is no   formalized reciprocal coordination that delineates points of contact,  types of projects, review timeframes, roles and responsibilities,   or acknowledgement of Session Law 2014‐79 between   Seymour Johnson AFB and the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County  for review of development plans.    Communication / Coordination between Northeast North Carolina  Counties and Seymour Johnson AFB regarding Development Review.  There is no formalized reciprocal consultation between  Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range and northeast North  Carolina counties, cities, and towns for review of development plans.  Mutual Aid for Fire Management / EMS between Dare County Range  and Surrounding Counties. Need for formal Memorandum of  Understanding to provide mutual aid for Fire Management /  Emergency Medical Services with Dare County Range due to the  remoteness of the Range location and rural nature of surrounding  counties.   Awareness of Communication Procedures for Contacting  Seymour Johnson / Dare County Range Regarding Complaints   and / or Concerns. Local jurisdictions and the public do not know who  to contact at Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range regarding  concerns, complaints or coordination.   Coordination with the Military on Cell Tower Siting. Although some  counties currently request FAA Obstruction Evaluations for proposed  cell towers, the military is only notified if a proposed tower meets the  minimum FAA criteria.   Coordination of Flight Activities between Seymour Johnson AFB /  Dare County Range and Other Military and Government Agencies over  Albemarle Sound. Need for coordination of flight activities between  Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range and other military and  government agencies over Albemarle Sound.   Lack of Information to Public on Water Ranges. Because of competition  for use of the water among recreational boaters and fishermen, sea  spaces need to be cleared where restricted areas, military operating  areas, and military training routes begin at the surface when active  training and operations are occurring throughout the Study Area.  Dust / Smoke / Steam (DSS) Dust results from the suspension of particulate matter in the air. Dust (and  smoke) can be created by fire (controlled or prescribed burns, agricultural  burning, and artillery exercises), ground disturbance (agricultural activities,  military operations, grading), industrial activities, or other similar processes.   Dust, smoke and steam are compatibility issues if sufficient in quantity to  impact flight operations (such as reduced visibility or cause equipment  damage). The following Dust / Smoke / Steam issues were identified:         Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Re ܝYH L