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County Land Use Plan The 2008 Bertie County Land Use Plan is prepared in accordance with the requirements contained in the North Carolina CAMA, the North Carolina CRC Land Use Planning Requirements, and the relevant planning process requirements of Local Planning and Management Grants and serves as an overall “blueprint” for the development of Bertie County. The plan includes an analysis of land use and development patterns, projected land use needs and a land suitability analysis and plan for the future. A review of the Land Use Plan reveals the following areas of interest related to military compatibility: • The plan includes a section titled “Things to Consider to Identify Inappropriate Land Uses,” which includes undesirable characteristics, such as noise, vibration, and light. • The plan does not address the military presence from a land use compatibility perspective. Zoning Ordinance Bertie County has not adopted a zoning ordinance. Building Code Bertie County follows the 2012 North Carolina Uniform Statewide Building Code which does not address sound transmission from external noise sources to internal building spaces. Dare County Comprehensive Plan Dare County has not adopted a Comprehensive Plan. Land Use Plan As required by the State of North Carolina, Dare County updated their Land Use Plan to include CAMA standards and regulations. Dare County’s Land Use Plan was established in statement and objectives based on past and cu to land use patterns to determine goals for futu development vision states the need to preserve cultural, and natural resources. There are currently 82 policies stated within the Section Two, Land Use Compatibility, it discusse implementation strategies in order to mitigate future land uses associated with the county’s ai DCR. Policy LUC #11 Due to potential land use conflicts and haza associated with airports and landing strips, adjacent properties should be done in awar potential conflicts and conditions. Proposal services at the Dare County Regional Airpor facilities in Dare County shall be reviewed o basis. Support or opposition may be offered terms of the proposal, its potential impacts and its potential economic and transportati Policy LUC #12 Proposals to expand the area of the existing the Dare County Mainland should be review case basis with support or opposition offere terms of the proposal and its potential impa community. Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report County Land Use Plan The 2008 Bertie County Land Use Plan is prepared in accordance with the  requirements contained in the North Carolina CAMA, the North Carolina  CRC Land Use Planning Requirements, and the relevant planning process  requirements of Local Planning and Management Grants and serves as an  overall “blueprint” for the development of Bertie County.   The plan includes an analysis of land use and development patterns,  projected land use needs and a land suitability analysis and plan for the  future.  A review of the Land Use Plan reveals the following areas of interest  related to military compatibility:     Dare County’s Land Use Plan was established in 2009, and contains a vision  statement and objectives based on past and current populations in addition  to land use patterns to determine goals for future land uses.  Dare County’s  development vision states the need to preserve the county’s historic,  cultural, and natural resources.    There are currently 82 policies stated within the land use plan. Under  Section Two, Land Use Compatibility, it discusses policies and  implementation strategies in order to mitigate conflicts with existing and  future land uses associated with the county’s airports, landing areas, and the  DCR.    The plan includes a section titled “Things to Consider to Identify  Inappropriate Land Uses,” which includes undesirable characteristics,  such as noise, vibration, and light.  Policy LUC #11  Due to potential land use conflicts and hazardous conditions  associated with airports and landing strips, development of  adjacent properties should be done in awareness of these  potential conflicts and conditions. Proposals to expand existing  services at the Dare County Regional Airport or other airport  facilities in Dare County shall be reviewed on a case by case  basis. Support or opposition may be offered depending on the  terms of the proposal, i [X[0[\X۰p[][]K0[0][X[0XۛZX[0[ܝ][۰[Y]˰p[\0Y\pZ[]\p\[ppp[0\p\]X[]p\X]K0ۚ[ܙ[[B\Yp[p\0YY0pۚ[ܙ[[K00Z[[B\Yp[pp Lܝ0\[p[Yܛp]]YpZ[[pX0\0Y\[0[Z\[۰p^\[0\p\\[\[0Z[[X\˰00000XpPL[^[0p\Xpٰp^\[X[[\۰p\p[pXZ[[0[0p]Y]Y0۰p\H8$H8$\p\\]0\ܝ0ܰ][۰ٙ\Y0\[[۰p\\ٰp[0[0][X[0[\X۰p[0[][]K\H[B\Z[]H[\p[p\0YY0p\Z[]p[[\H[\\]Z\Y0pp]pٰܝ0\[K0\p[p\]Y0Z\[0\p[[YpSPp[\[0Y[][ۜ˰00^[[\ۈQ[\H[H[HT\ܝYH