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formulate the bird activity and movement data. The model is available for use by agencies and the general public, accessible from the USAHAS website at http://www.usahas.com/. 4.2 Seymour Johnson AFB Plans and Programs Seymour Johnson AFB plans and programs provide guidance for land uses and development activities on the installation. These tools govern land use decisions that occur inside the fenceline or within the boundary of the military mission footprint in relation to the military mission or proposed military missions. These tools provide guidance and establish measures for standard operating procedures during certain events such as weapons firing. There are various installation tools that are instrumental in assisting and guiding land use decisions as they interface with the military mission. Air Installation Compatible Use Zone The United States DOD initiated the AICUZ program to assist government entities and communities in anticipating, identifying, and promoting compatible land use and development near military installations with aircraft activity. The AICUZ program involves coordinating the efforts of installation commanders and local community leaders and other government agencies to encourage compatible development of land in proximity to military airfields. It also serves to protect the health, safety, and welfare of civilians and military personnel by encouraging land development compatible with aircraft operations, while protecting the public investment in the installation. This program recommends compatibility measures and land uses that are compatible with specific elements of military airfields including elevated sound levels, accident potential zones, and obstruction clearance criteria. The AICUZ program has two objectives. First to and federal officials in protecting and promotin and welfare by promoting compatible developm influence. And second, to protect Air Force ope effects of land use which are incompatible with Seymour Johnson AFB AICUZ was most recently Integrated Natural Resources Mana The Integrated Natural Resources Management updated as a Preliminary Draft in July 2015, was range habitat protection and natural resource m installation and supports mission readiness. The natural resources including, when applicable, th species and important habitat, management of and wildland fire, wildlife and riparian managem water rights, inter‐agency responsibilities and c overall management plan for natural resources the DCR to ensure no loss of capability for train serves as a planning tool for future activities at DCR as a road map for the stewardship of natur base. Comprehensive Range Plan The FY 2015‐2018 Comprehensive Range Plan ( management of the DCR and considers all aspe maintenance. The purpose of the plan is to enh land and airspace use on and around the range short and long term needs, identify any existing propose alternative solutions and recommenda vision statement and five major goals, existing c investment area analysis, strategy, and support Page 40 Seymour Johnson AFB and D formulate the bird activity and movement data.  The model is available for  use by agencies and the general public, accessible from the USAHAS website  at http://www.usahas.com/.  4.2 Seymour Johnson AFB Plans and Programs Seymour Johnson AFB plans and programs provide guidance for land uses  and development activities on the installation.  These tools govern land use  decisions that occur inside the fenceline or within the boundary of the  military mission footprint in relation to the military mission or proposed  military missions.    These tools provide guidance and establish measures for standard operating  procedures during certain events such as weapons firing.  There are various  installation tools that are instrumental in assisting and guiding land use  decisions as they interface with the military mission.    Air Installation Compatible Use Zone The United States DOD initiated the AICUZ program to assist government  entities and communities in anticipating, identifying, and promoting  compatible land use and development near military installations with  aircraft activity. The AICUZ program involves coordinating the efforts of  installation commanders and local community leaders and other  government agencies to encourage compatible development of land in  proximity to military airfields. It also serves to protect the health, safety, and  welfare of civilians and military personnel by encouraging land development  compatible with aircraft operations, while protecting the public investment  in the installation.  This program recommends compatibility measures and  land uses that are compatible with specific elements *l*֖ƗF'*&fVG<*6VF|*VWfFVL*6VL*WfV2*66FVL*FVF*W2*L*'7G'V7F*6V&6\*7&FW&* *F\*5U*&w&*<*Gv*&V7FfW2*f'7L*F*767L*6*&Vv*7FF\*L*fVFW&*ff6<**&FV7F|*L*&F|*F\*V&Ɩ<*VF*6fWG*L*vVf&\*'*&F|*6F&\*FWfVVL*vF*F\*5U*&V*l*fVV6R*L*6V6B*F*&FV7L*,*f&6\*W&F*6&ƗG*g&*F\*VffV7G<*l*L*W6\*v6*&\*6F&\*vF*&7&gL*W&F2*F\*6WW,*6*d,*5U*v<*7L*&V6VFǜ*WFFVL**#* * *FVw&FVBGW&&W6W&6W2vVVBF\*FVw&FVL*GW&*&W6W&6W<*vVVL**$*7L*&V6VFǜ*WFFVL*<**&VƖ֖'*G&gL**Vǜ*#R*v<*7&VFVL*F*V7W&\*FL*|*&v\*&FL*&FV7F*L*GW&*&W6W&6\*vVVL*67W'<*L*F\*7FF*L*7W'G<*֗76*&VFW72*F\*$ *WFƖW<*f&W<*GW&*&W6W&6W<*6VFr*vV*Ɩ6&R*F&VFVVL*L*VFvW&VL*7V6W<*L*'FL*&FB*vVVL*l*W<*vVVG2*w&76G<*L*vFL*f&R*vFƖf\*L*&&*vVVB*vFW,*&W6W&6W<*L*vFW,*&vG2*FW.( vV7*&W76&ƗFW<*L*6&FF*Vff'G2*L*F\*fW&*vVVL**f,*GW&*&W6W&6W<*L*6WW,*6*d,*L*F\*D5,*F*V7W&\**7<*l*6&ƗG*f,*G&|*WW&66W2*F\*$ *6W'fW<*<**|*F*f,*gWGW&\*7FfFW<*L*6WW,*6*d,*L*D5,*<**&L* *f,*F\*7FWv&G6 *l*GW&*&W6W&6W<*fVL**F\*&6R* *6&VV6fR&vRF\*e*#^( #*6&VV6f\*&v\**5%*<**&L* *f,*vVVL*l*F\*D5,*L*66FW'<**7V7G<*l*&v\*W&F*L*FV6R*F\*W'6\*l*F\**<*F*V6\*F\*6F&ƗG*l*L*L*'76\*W6\**L*&VL*F\*&vR*&fF\*wVF6\*F*VWL*6'L*L*|*FW&*VVG2*FVFg**W7F|*,*FVF*6fƖ7G2*L*&6\*FW&Ff\*6WF<*L*&V6VFF2*F\**6VFW<**f6*7FFVVL*L*ff\*,*v2*W7F|*6FF2**&v\*fW7FVL*&V*Ǘ62*7G&FVw*L*7W'F|*F7VVG2**vRC6WW"6d"BF&R6VG&vRU2&W'