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Of all the jurisdictions in the study area, Hyde County has implemented some of the imaginary surfaces height requirements in its zoning ordinance. Noise Control Act of 1972 The Noise Control Act of 1972 identified that noise not adequately controlled has the potential of endangering the health and welfare of people. It states that all Americans are entitled to an environment free from noise that can jeopardize their general health and quality of life. Along with state, local, and territorial governments, actions from the federal government were needed to ensure that the objectives of the Act were met. Concurrently, military installations were experiencing the impacts from encroaching urban development located adjacent to the installation and the resulting complaints regarding noise from military flight operations. In 1973, the DOD responded by establishing the AICUZ program. The Noise Control Act and the AICUZ program are important because encroaching development and increased population near military installations such as Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR often creates compatibility issues. As communities grow, it is important that the military installation, developers, and the communities work together to mitigate the issue of noise and develop ways to coexist successfully. Partners in Flight Program The DOD has implemented a program entitled Partners in Flight that sustains and enhances the military testing, training, and safety mission through habitat‐based management strategies. The program assists natural resource managers in monitoring, inventory, research, and management of birds and their habitats. As part of the Partners in Flight program, a strategic plan is created that can be incorporated into a BASH plan. This program reaches beyond the boundaries of the installation to facilitate community partnerships and determine the current status of bird populations to prevent the further endangerment of birds. Sentinel Landscapes Program The US Departments of Agriculture, Defense an Sentinel Landscapes Partnership in 2013. Senti accomplish three critical goals: preserve agricul military readiness, and restore and protect wild collaboration, the federal departments are wor private partners to preserve and restore natura nation’s defense mission. The Eastern North Carolina Sentinel Landscape, Sentinel Landscapes, works to address top prior identified by the military, including restrictions conservation and potential development of priv forest, and open space lands. The program wor partners to offer voluntary landowner incentive routes through the promotion of compatible lan North Carolina Department of Agriculture and C landowners in the northeast North Carolina JLU access funding assistance for implementing bes land and water resource management. Other p opportunities to local governments for conserv US Avian Hazard Advisory System The US Avian Hazard Advisory System (USAHAS system‐based bird avoidance model developed “analysis and correlation of bird habitat, migrat characteristics, combined with key environmen data.” The model provides up‐to‐date informat about bird activity and movements to assist pilo scheduling and use of flight routes. The model forecasting tool to estimate bird strike risk. Info North American Breeding Bird Survey, Audubon refuge databases, and the US Air Force Bird‐Air as public domain information regarding landfill Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Of all the jurisdictions in the study area, Hyde County has implemented  some of the imaginary surfaces height requirements in its zoning ordinance.  Noise Control Act of 1972 The Noise Control Act of 1972 identified that noise not adequately  controlled has the potential of endangering the health and welfare of  people.  It states that all Americans are entitled to an environment free from  noise that can jeopardize their general health and quality of life.  Along with  state, local, and territorial governments, actions from the federal  government were needed to ensure that the objectives of the Act  \pY] 00ۘ\[K0Z[]\p[[][ۜ\p^\Y[[p[\Xp[ܛX[\[][Y[0]Y0YX[0p[[][۰[0p\[[\Z[Y\[\ppZ[]\pY0\][ۜ˰0[ NM0p0\ۙY0p\X\[pRPVܘ[Kp\p۝0X0[0pRPVܘ[p\p[\ܝ[0X]\p[ܛX[][Y[0[0[ܙX\Y0[][۰X\Z[]\p[[][ۜX0\^[[\۰Q[0p԰ٝ[ܙX]\\]X[]p\Y\˰0\[][]Y\ܛ0]0\[\ܝ[0]0pZ[]\p[[][ۋ0][\0[0p[][]Y\ܚ]\Z]Y]pp\Ypٰ\p[0][0^\^\0X\ٝ[K000[[[[\\ܘ[BpT\\Y[ٰYܚX[\K0Y[p[0p[\[ܰ[[Y0p[[[0[\\\\\0[ L˰0[[[0[\\ܚX\\0Ypܚ]X[0[ΰ\\pYܚX[\[0[0\\0]0Z[]\pXY[\0[0\ܙp[0X0[YpX]] 0[\[\]YpXܘ][ۋ0pY\[0\\Y[\pܚ[]0]K0[ 0[0]]p\\\\p[0\ܙp]\[0[[\ܝ[0p][۸&\Y[pZ\[ۋpX\\ܝ0\[p[[[0[\K0ۙpٰp^0\[0[[[0[\\0ܚY\0[ܚ]p[ܛXY[0ۘ\Y[YYY0ppZ[]\K0[Y[\X[ۜ[]Y0XY\ۜ\][۰[0[X[0][Y[0ٰ]][pۙY0YܚX[\K0ܙ\ 0[0[Xp[˰pܘ[pܚ]0Y\[0[0]p\\ٙ\[\p[ۙ\[[]\X[]X][۰Z[[]\Y0p[[۰ٰ\]Xp[0\\˰Y0pܝ0\[p\\Y[0ٰYܚX[\p[0ۜ[Y\\X\0]X[YZ[[ۙ\[pܝX\0ܝ0\[pTYp\Xp\pXpX\[[\\[pܰ[\[Y[[\0X[Y[Y[0XX\ܰ[0[0]\\\pX[Y[Y[ 0\\\ٙ\0\[ܝ[]Y\[0ݙ\Y[ܰۜ\[[ܚ]p[YpX]] T]X[^\Y\ܞH\[B\\[Yܘ[Bp0\[\[Y[Y0pܘ[p[]Y0\\[Y0]0\Z[[0[[\pZ[]\p\[0Z[[0[0Y]pZ\[۰Y0X]]8$\Y0X[Y[Y[0]YY\˰0pܘ[p\\]\[0\\pX[Y\[[ۚ]ܚ[0[[ܞK0\X\ 0[0X[Y[Y[0ٰ\[0Z\X]]˰0\\0ٰp\\[Y0ܘ[K0p]YX[\ܙX]Y0]0[p[ܜܘ]Y0[pT0[0\ܘ[pXX\^[ۙ0p[\Y\ٰp[[][۰X[]]p[][]p\\\[0]\Z[pp\[0]\ٰ\0[][ۜ][0p\\[[\Y[0ٰ\˰pT]X[^\0Y\ܞp\[p TRTp\p[ܘ\X[ܛX][۰\[x$\Y0\0]Y[p[[0][Y0ppTZ\ܘp\Y0ܰ'[[\\[0ܜ[][۰ٰ\0X]] 0ZYܘ][ۋ0[0YY[\X\\X0X[Y0]0^p[\ۛY[[0[0X[$XYp[]X[0]K'p0p[[0ݚY\\8$$]p[ܛX][۰8$8'X\X[8$[Yx'p8$X]0\0X]]p[0[ݙ[Y[\\0[[0Y0[\[pY[[[0\pٰY0]\˰0p[[0[[p\Y0\pܙX\[0\[X]p\0Zp\˰0[ܛX][۰ppܝ0[Y\X[YY[\0\^K0]YX۰\X\\0[ 0\0YYp]X\\0[0pTZ\ܘp\8$Z\ܘY0Zp]X\p\[0\XXXZ[[ܛX][۰Y\[[[0][ۜ\\Y0^[[\ۈQ[\H[H[HT\ܝYH