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Gates County Northampton County £ ¤ 17 b a 158 Hertford County Figure 20 Currituck County Airport Pasquotank County High Risk of Adverse Impact Zone Surrounding Dare County Range Camden County Elizabeth City b a 258 Tri-County Airport Chowan County £ ¤ 13 Halifax County Perquimans County Legend Elizabeth City CG Air Station Regional Airport High Risk of Adverse Impact Zone (US Air Force) Bertie County Installation Boundary First Flight Airport County Boundary Northeastern Regional Airport JLUS County Partner Oak City Edgecombe County Municipal Boundary £ ¤ 64 Martin County Airport £ ¤ 64 Plymouth Municipal Airport Martin County Washington County Tyrrell County US Highway Water Body Airport Dare County Pitt-Greenville Airport Hyde County Airport Warren Field Greenville Pitt County Washington Beaufort County b a 264 Hyde County £ ¤ 17 Lee Creek Airport Lenoir County Billy Mitchell Airport Craven County £ ¤ 70 Jones County Onslow County Page 36 Dare County Range Hodges Farm Airport USAF High Risk of Adverse Impact Zone The establishment of the United States Air Force  (USAF) High Risk of Adverse Impact Zone (HRAIZ) for  DCR came about from the Mission Compatibility  Evaluation Process Annual Report to Congress on   the DOD Siting Clearinghouse (CY2013).   During   Technical Interchange Initiative meetings, Wind  Turbine‐Military‐Unique Airborne Radar Testing  Interference was discussed.  The team focused the  attention of DOD on obtaining a better understanding  of the technical limitations associated with these  sophisticated radars when operating in the   air‐to‐ground mode and with wind turbines within the  field of view of the airborne radar. The outcome of  the meeting helped Seymour Johnson AFB, among  other installations, to establish a High Risk of Adverse  Impact Zones surrounding DCR.  The HRAIZ for the  DCR is illustrated on Figure 20.   Pamlico County New Bern Ocracoke Island Airport Source: Seymour Johnson AFB, 2014. Craven County Regional Airport Havelock Carteret County 0 5 10 Miles Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report