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Restricted Areas Similar to the MOAs related to the DCR, the range has a  multitude of restricted areas, but only some of them  are for Air Force military operations. The restricted  areas related to Air Force operations are R‐5314 A  through F, H, and J.  Restricted Areas designate  locations where activities occur that create usual and  often invisible hazards to aircraft.  These restricted  areas directly support the Air Force by enabling crews  to train at the DCR.  These areas are located directly on  top of DCR and extend westward, though Tyrrell  County and into Washington County.    The other restricted areas associated with DCR are  R‐5301, R‐5302A, B, and C operated by the Navy; and  R‐5313 A, B, C, and D, and R‐5306 A operated by the  Marine Corps. All of the restricted areas associated  with DCR are illustrated on Figure 15.  Ah osk ie Harrellsville Hertford County Powellsville ¬ « 37 42 Hertf ord £ ¤ 17 ¬ « 45 Ask ewville Chowan County Windsor Bertie County 308 64 Ph elps Lak e Ply m outh Munic ipal Airport S T 171 Martin County Pantego Belh aven 264 Hodges Farm Airport Restricted Areas Air Force Restricted Area R- 5314A/ D/ E – Floor is S urf ac e R- 5314B/ C – Floor is 500 f t. AGL R- 5314F/ H – Floor is 500 f t. AGL R- 5314 J – Floor is 1000 f t. AGL F E Dare County Regional Airport E A Hy de County Airport Lak e Mattam usk eet Navy Restricted Area R- 5301 – Floor is S urf ac e R- 5302A – Floor is S urf ac e R- 5302B/ C – Floor is 100 f t. AGL S T 345 Dare County D C Manteo Marine Corps Restricted Area R- 5306A – Floor is S urf ac e R- 5313A – Floor is S urf ac e R- 5313B/ C – Floor is 100 f t. AGL R- 5313D – Floor is 500 f t. AGL Dare County Range Airport B A R-5313 D C B I nstallation Boundary County Boundary ¬ « 12 J LUS County Partner Munic ipal Boundary US High way S tate High way Railroad Water Body ¬ « 33 Mesic Vandem ere S T 306 Billy Mitc h ell Airport R-5306A Bay boro Allianc e Grantsboro S tonewall Pamlico County ¬ « Hyde County Legend First Fligh t Airport Kill Devil Hills Wh itf ield' s East Airport 99 Lee Creek Airport Aurora b a ¬ « Bath H J New Lak e Beaufort County Tyrrell County 94 32 Wash ington 64 R-5314 Pungo Lak e Donald' s Air Park ¬ « S outh ern S h ores Kitty Hawk Nags Head £ ¤ Creswell Washington County J am esville Restricted Areas Surrounding Dare County Range Duc k R5302A Colum bia £ ¤ Roper Ply m outh ¬ « 158 R5302C S T 92 b a R-5302B North eastern Regional Airport Figure 15 Currituck County Eliz abeth City CG Air S tation Regional Airport R-5301 Harv ey Point Def ense T esting Ac tiv ity Edenton Craven County Oc rac ok e I sland Airport ¬ « S ourc e: S ey m our Joh nson AFB, 2015. 55 Carteret County Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Pasquotank County Winf all Colerain ¬ « Elizabeth City Perquimans County 0 5 10 Miles Page 31