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Cary Holly Springs ab 401 Fuquay-Varina Angier Lillington Linden Erwin Harnett County Wade Eastover Fayetteville Cumberland County Wake County Coats Harnett Regional Jetport Godwin Falcon Garner Dunn §¨¦ 95 Stedman Autryville Raleigh Benson £¤ 13 ab 421 ab 301 Salemburg Roseboro Clayton Johnston County Airport Archer Lodge Four Oaks Sampson County Sampson County Airport Wilson's Mills Smithfield Newton Grove Johnston County ab 701 Clinton Selma §¨¦ 40 Pine Level £¤ 70 Seymour Johnson Echo MOA Nash County Micro Turkey Princeton Kenly Faison Wayne County Calypso ab 117 Mount Olive Warsaw Magnolia Wilson Wilson County ab 264 Lucama Black Creek §¨¦ 795 Fremont Pikeville Goldsboro Mount Olive Municipal Airport Duplin County Duplin County Airport Duplin County Airport Kenansville Eureka Wayne Executive Jetport £¤ 13 Seymour Johnson AFB Stantonsburg Seven Springs Saratoga Edgecombe County Pitt County Walstonburg Greene County Snow Hill La Grange £¤ 70 Lenoir County Pink Hill Beulaville Jones County Seymour Johnson AFB Military Operating Areas Legend Military Operating Area Installation Boundary County Boundary JLUS County Partner Municipal Boundary Interstate US Highway Railroad Water Body Airport Source: FAA Sectional, 2015. Figure 6 0 4 8 Miles Special Use Airs Special Use Airspac military activity or u occur. The designa nonparticipating air the possible presen Entering SUA witho controlling agency m to the aircraft and i SUA types, Military designated within t Military Operations A MOA is airspace d segregate certain n activities from Instr to identify for Visua military activities ar of airspace of defin established for the military training act (IR) traffic. Example MOAs include, but • Air combat • Air intercep • Low‐altitud Additionally, the DO authorization to op airspeeds in excess 10,000 feet mean s Page 20 Seymour Johnson AFB and D Nash County Raleigh Cary b a 401 Holly Springs Archer Lodge Garner Wake County Edgecombe County Wilson Wilson County Lucama Clayton Black Creek Fuquay-Varina b a 264 Saratoga Stantonsburg Kenly Wilson's Mills b a Four Oaks Johnston County Eureka Pikeville £ ¤ 70 Greene County Wayne Executive Jetport Princeton £ ¤ US Highway Railroad Benson Goldsboro Water Body Harnett Regional Jetport Special Use Airspace Special Use Airspace (SUA) is airspace where  military activity or unusual flight conditions may  occur.  The designation of SUA serves to alert a  nonparticipating aircraft (civilian or military) to  the possible presence of these activities.   Entering SUA without authorization from the  controlling agency may be extremely hazardous  to the aircraft and its occupants.  Of the various  SUA types, Military Operating Areas (MOAs) are  designated within the Study Area.  Airport Wayne County Dunn § ¦ ¨ 95 Falcon Wade b a 421 Godwin £ ¤ 40 Sampson County Fayetteville b a Lenoir County Faison Seymour Johnson Echo MOA b a 117 Duplin County Duplin County Airport Salemburg Clinton Roseboro £ ¤ 70 Calypso 701 Stedman Autryville Seven Springs Military Operations Area  A MOA is airspace designated  F*6W&F\*,*6Vw&VvF\*6W'F*( &FW<*֖ƗF'*7FfFW<*g&*7G'VVL*fƖvL*'VW<*G&ff<*L*F*FVFg*f,*f7V*fƖvL*'VW<*G&ff<*vW&\*֖ƗF'*7FfFW<*&\*6GV7FVB* *<*667L*l*'76\*l*FVfVL*fW'F6*L*FW&*Ɩ֗G<*W7F&Ɨ6VL*f,*F\*W'6\*l*6W&F|*6W'F*֖ƗF'*G&|*7FfFW<*g&*7G'VVL*'V\*"*G&ff2* *WW<*l*7FfFW<*6GV7FVL**<*6VFR*'WL*&\*L*Ɩ֗FVL*F*w&vPV@ƗfP*p*`*0V7FfW 6WW 6d VBƗfPV6''@WwFw&fPƖFV7V&W&@6VGV6&VF'FW'7FFP6G0W'v6VG&VF'U26VG'FW 6p03&WG@6VGVvV@7FF&VF'PWfV6֗FfV@7F6VG''@6WW"6d ֖ƗF'W&Fr&V0֖ƗF'W&Fr&Vg&V@6VvW v7F'W&p*p*`*sP֖7&ƖƖwFG@6VGfwW&R`GW&Wv'6p666VG''@氤W06VGGWƖ6VG''@6W&6Sd6V7F#RशV7fP&WVfPvƖ@֖W0,*6&L*F7F70,*FW&6WG0~( FGVF\*F7F70FFFǒ*F\*DL*<*&VV*77VVL**WF&F*F*W&F\*&7&gL*L*F6FVL*'7VVG<**W6W7<*l*#S *G<*&V|* *fVWL*V*6V*WfV*vF*7Ff\*2* *vR#6WW"6d"BF&R6VG&vRU2&W'