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Flight Patterns Flight patterns are influenced by various factors including, avoidance of densely populated areas, efforts to keep noise levels low, and coordination with the FAA. Figure 3 illustrates the primary flight departure tracks and Figure 4 illustrates the primary flight arrival tracks used by Seymour Johnson AFB aircraft. The prevailing winds and the mission are the predominant factors that influence which of the many tracks available are most commonly observed. The closed pattern flight tracks are isolated to areas surrounding the installation and consist of low‐level altitude flights. As shown on Figure 5, the closed pattern flight tracks tend to stay to the south of the installation, away from heavily populated areas, including Base housing and the City of Goldsboro. The operations performed by the aircraft using these flight tracks can potentially create noise and vibration impacts on land uses under these paths. Wendell Knightdale Wake Raleigh Clayton Benson Johnston County Airport Salemburg Roseboro Cumberland Bladen Archer Lodge Smithfield Pine ab 301 Level Johnston Four Oaks ab 421 Wilson's Mills Newton Grove §¨¦ 40 ab 701 Sampson Clinton Selma Middlesex Nash Micro £¤ 13 Turkey Bailey Kenly Princeton Faison §¨¦ 95 Calypso Sims £¤ 70 Wayne Mount Olive Wilson Industrial Air Center §¨¦ 795 Fremont Wilson Seymour Johnson AFB Duplin ab 264 Wayne Executive Jetport Macclesfield Edgecombe Greene Lenoir Pink ab ab 117 Hill 258 Warsaw Magnolia Lucama Pikeville Goldsboro Duplin County Airport Kenansville Wilson Black Creek Eureka Saratoga Stantonsburg Seven Springs La Grange Beulaville Walstonburg Snow Hill Fountain Farmville Hookerton Kinston Falkland Pitt £¤ 13 Kinston Regional Jetport at Stallings Field £¤ 70 Pitt-Gre Airp Gree Gr Do Jones W Ay Onslow Richlands Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Flight Patterns Flight patterns are influenced by various factors  including, avoidance of densely populated areas,  efforts to keep noise levels low, and  coordination with the FAA.  Figure 3 illustrates  the primary flight departure tracks and Figure 4  illustrates the primary flight arrival tracks used  by Seymour Johnson AFB aircraft.  The prevailing  winds and the mission are the predominant  factors that influence which of the many tracks  available are most c ͕ٕ )Q ͕ ѕɻ Ʌ ɗ ͽѕ ѿ )ɕ ɽչ ѡ хѥ ͥ )ߊAٕ ѥՑ ̻  ͡ݻ ɗ Գ )ѡ ͕ ѕɻ Ʌ ѕ ѿ х ѿ )ѡ ͽѣ ѡ хѥ ݅ ɽ ٥ )ձѕ ɕ̳ Ց ͗ ͥ ѡ ) ͉ɼ Q Ʌѥ əɵ )ѡ ɍɅ ͥ ѡ͗ Ʌ )ѕѥ ɕї ͗ ٥Ʌѥ ) ͕ չ ѡ͗ ѡ̻ )5͕)])-ё)9͠)]) )M+ + + ) ѽ)1Ս+ + + )5ɼ))())=)))չх)ɕ)1)Aеɕ٥))]ѽɜ)ɔЁQɅ)ɵ٥)ɕ٥+ + ()ɕ)%хѥ չ)]ѕ٥) չ չ)A)1ٕ))ѽ)A٥)Aɥѽ+ + () ͽ))1UL չAѹ)ɕ)呕)]幔ᕍѥٔ)))%ѕхє)!ѽ+ + ()UL!݅)Iɽ)͉ɼ)]幔)5չ չ)M)!)M嵽))ͽ))-ѽI))Ё)Mх́)ɥѽ)MɕIٕ))1Ʌ)-ѽ)9ѽ)ɽٔ)1)Mٕ)Mɥ+ + + ()5չ)=ٔ+ + () Ʌٕ)ٕ) ٔ) ) ͼ)))(()ͽ)Mͽ)A)!))()Mɜ) ѽ)Qɭ)]ͅ)) չ)))))))-٥)I͕ɼ) յɱ) )5)Qɕѽ() ձ٥)M嵽ȁ)ͽɔ չI)1ULI)M嵽ȁ)ͽ)ɔЁQɅ)A)MɅѽ()M)Mѡ) ) ɕ)()Mхѽ͉ɜ)-)]ͽ)5))ѽ) չ)))]ͽ)]ͽ)ɍȁ1()ɔ)5͙)]ͽ)%ɥ) ѕ)I)I)=ͱ)Mɍ)M嵽ȁ)ͽԸ((()5)A