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Policy Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and Technical Working Group The development of the Seymour Johnson AFB JLUS was guided by two committees and one working group. The committees comprise community leaders, Seymour Johnson AFB personnel, federal and state agencies, resource agencies, local governments, and other stakeholders. The working group members comprise specialized subject matter experts to facilitate an in‐depth knowledge and understanding of certain issues requiring additional technical expertise. Public Workshops A series of public workshops were held through JLUS. These workshops provided an opportunit information with the greater community, assist addressed, and provided an opportunity for inp Each workshop included a traditional presentat providing a “hands on,” interactive opportunity in the JLUS development. JLUS Policy Committee. The Policy Committee (PC) consists of officials from participating jurisdictions, military installation leadership, and representatives from other interested and affected agencies. The PC is responsible for the overall direction of the JLUS, preparation, and approval of the study design, policy recommendations, and draft and final JLUS documents. JLUS Technical Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) is to provide technical expertise, feedback, and suggestions to the JLUS team and to serve as communications liaisons to their respective organizations. Because of the geographic expanse of the JLUS Study Area, two separate TACs were created to assist with the technical aspects of the Seymour Johnson and DCR JLUS. One of the TACs focused on the portions of the Study Area surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB, including Wayne County and the City of Goldsboro. A second TAC focused on the portions of the study area associated with the DCR, including the counties of Beaufort, Bertie, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell, Washington and the City of Washington. Public Workshop #3 conducted in Plymouth, NC on The TACs identified and addressed technical issues, provided feedback on report development, and assisted in the development and evaluation of implementation strategies and tools. These stakeholders engaged with the PC in an advisory role. Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Policy Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and Technical Working Group The development of the Seymour Johnson AFB JLUS was guided by two  committees and one working group.  The committees comprise community  leaders, Seymour Johnson AFB personnel, federal and state agencies,  resource agencies, local governments, and other stakeholders. The working  group members comprise specialized subject matter experts to facilitate an  in‐depth knowledge and understanding of certain issues requiring additional  technical expertise.  Public Workshops A series of public workshops were held throughout the development of the  JLUS.  These workshops provided an opportunity for the exchange of  information with the greater community, assisted in identifying issues to be  addressed, and provided an opportunity for input on proposed strategies.   Each workshop included a traditional presentation and a facilitated exercise  providing a “hands on,” interactive opportunity for the public to participate  in the JLUS development.   JLUS Policy Committee. The Policy Committee (PC) consists of officials from  participating jurisdictions, military installation leadership, and  representatives from other interested and affected agencies.  The PC is  responsible for the overall direction of the JLUS, preparation, and approval  of the study design, policy recommendations, and draft and final JLUS  documents.  JLUS Technical Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Technical Advisory  Committees (TACs) is to provide technical expertise, feedback, and  suggestions to the JLUS team and to serve as communications liaisons to  their respective organizations.  Because of the geographic expanse of the  JLUS Study Area, two separate TACs were created to assist with the technical  aspects of the Seymour Johnson and DCR JLUS.  One of the TACs focused on  the portions of the Study Area surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB, including  Wayne County and the City of Goldsboro. A second TAC focused on the  portions of t Ց ɕ ͽѕ ݥѣ ѡ  H Ց ѡ չѥ ) ՙг ѥ ɔ !呔 Qɕ ]͡ѽ ѡ )]͡ѽ )AՉ ]ɭ͡ Սѕ A嵽Ѡ 9 5ɍ Գ )Q Q ѥ ɕ͕ ѕ Օ̳ ɽ٥ )ɕ ٕг ͥѕ ѡ ٕ مՅѥ )хѥ Ʌѕ ѽ̻ Q͗ х ݥѣ ѡ )A ٥ͽ ɽ )M嵽ȁ)ͽɔ չI)1ULI)A