JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 144

Issue / Strategy VIBRATION (V) V-1 Vibration Impacts from Low-Level Flight Activity Vibration from low-level fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft overflight in Restricted Areas, Military Operating Areas and Military Training Routes has the ability to cause physical property damage. V-1A Seymour Johnson AFB Noise MCA / DCR Noise MAA Educate the Public on Cause of Vibrations     Seymour Johnson AFB should work to inform the public on the other branches of the military that conduct operations within the JLUS Study Area and the sources of vibrations such as types of aircraft and maneuvers. This information should be part of the Seymour Johnson AFB Public Outreach Campaign in Strategy COM- 1A and part of the public education recommendations in Strategies COM-1D, COM-1E, COM-2E, COM-7A, COM-7B, and Com-9A. When vibration complaints are lodged with Seymour Johnson AFB, the installation should identify the source and provide the appropriate contact information to the complainant if it is not Seymour Johnson AFB. Other Primary Partners: Other DOD services / installations For additional strategies that address this issue see Strategies LU-2C, NOI-1B, and NOI-1C. Page 128 Mid-Term   Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report