JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 142

Issue / Strategy VERTICAL OBSTRUCTIONS (VO) VO-1 Incompatible Development Located in the Imaginary Surfaces at Seymour Johnson AFB Natural and manmade structures pose a potential safety concern for flight operations within Department of Defense established imaginary surfaces associated with Seymour Johnson AFB Runway 8/26. VO-1A Seymour Johnson AFB Imaginary Surfaces MCA Develop a 3-Dimensional Imaginary Surfaces Model Mid-Term      The City of Goldsboro and Wayne County with the assistance of Seymour Johnson AFB should develop a digital and printed 3D model of existing height regulations compared to allowable heights for the glide slope of the Approach / Departure Surface. This tool will assist the jurisdictions in considering amendments to their zoning regulations to further enhance military compatibility and for determining whether heights of proposed structures obstruct the navigable airspace during the review of development applications. Other Partner: Federal Aviation Administration For another strategy that addresses this issue see Strategy LU-3A. VO-2 Height Regulations Surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB Need to enhance the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County regulations for heights of structures in imaginary surfaces. Regulations only reference the AICUZ Study or FAA Part 77, but lack clarity on how these provisions are applied. VO-2A Seymour Johnson AFB Imaginary Surfac