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Seymour Johnson AFB BASH MCA BASH Consideration in State and Federal Projects On-Going SA-2D Issue / Strategy   Projects sponsored by a State or Federal department or agency should incorporate required consultation with Seymour Johnson AFB on the review and mitigation of any bird and wildlife attractant features in projects. Other Partners: State and Federal departments and agencies SA-3 Incompatible Development Located in Seymour Johnson AFB Safety Zones Incompatible uses in the Safety Zones extend into City of Goldsboro and Wayne County creating a safety concern. SA-3A Seymour Johnson AFB Safety MCA Nonconforming Uses in Accident Potential Zones Revise the regulations pertaining to land uses within Accident Potential Zones, that nonconforming uses in the Accident Potential Zones cannot be reconstructed if substantially damaged or destroyed. For other strategies that address this issue see Strategies LU-1C and LU-1D. SA-4 Short-Term     BASH Concerns Over Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge: Pungo Unit from November Through March The Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge: Pungo Unit receives 80 percent of the eastern population of Tundra Swans during the winter transcontinental migration from the Arctic Tundra with a total wintering bird population of over 100,000. Bird activity in close proximity to low-level flight routes is an aviation safety hazard and increases the potential for bird aircraft strikes. For Strategies that address this issue see Strategies BIO-1C, BIO-1E, BIO-2A, BIO-2B, BIO-2C, and SA-2D.           Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Page 125