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Issue / Strategy the existing lagoons. Other Primary Partner: US Department of Agriculture SA-2 Coordination for Bird/ Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard Mitigation Efforts Need for coordinated multi-jurisdictional effort to address threats from bird / wildlife aircraft strikes surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB. SA-2A Seymour Johnson AFB BASH MCA Increase Surrounding Landowner Awareness Seymour Johnson AFB BASH MCA Develop and Distribute BASH Educational Materials Seymour Johnson AFB BASH MCA Decrease Bird and Wildlife Attractants Near Seymour Johnson AFB SA-2B SA-2C Mid-Term    Short-Term    On-Going   Develop an educational outreach program for surrounding landowners on the impacts of BASH including activities that are bird / wildlife attractants. Provide educational information to local jurisdictions and agencies in the region relative to reducing the potential for bird and wildlife attractants that may impede safe aircraft operations. Include education materials on the Seymour Johnson AFB and jurisdiction websites. Adopt Comprehensive Plan policies and land development regulations that decrease and mitigate bird and wildlife attractants in the vicinity of Seymour Johnson AFB and within flight paths. Consider land use and subdivision regulations that address bird attractant potential as part of project design and condition of approval. Consider regulations that preclude landfills and include methods for reducing bird and wildlife access to golf course water traps.   Page 124 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report