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NOI-4 Noise During Week of Statewide Spring Testing in Schools Concern that noise from low-level overflight has a detrimental impact on statewide Spring student testing in schools. NOI-4A DCR Noise MAA Coordinate the Avoidance of Overflight of Schools during Testing Week Mid-Term               Coordinate with the Seymour Johnson AFB to avoid overflight of schools during the week of Spring testing in schools. Compliance with Minimum Floor Altitudes in Military Airspace Concern that aircraft fly below minimum flight altitudes in Military Training Routes and Restricted Areas which intensifies noise in communities of overflight. For strategies that address this issue see Strategies COM-1A, COM-1C, COM- 1D, COM-1E, COM-2E, COM-2F, COM-2I, COM-7B, and COM-9A. NOI-6 Noise from Overflight Affects Bird and Waterfowl Population Roosting and Nesting Concern that noise from low-level overflight on flight paths to / and from Dare County Range affects local bird and waterfowl population roosting and nesting along coastal areas and at the Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge. For strategies that address this issue see Strategies BIO-1A, BIO-1B, BIO-1C, BIO-1D, BIO-1E, BIO-2A and BIO-2B. NOI-5 NOI-3 Issue / Strategy    Noise Impact on Tourism Development Concern regarding noise impacts from low-level overflight on outdoor tourism development in northeast North Carolina communities. For a strategy that addresses this issue see Strategy LU-4A.          Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Page 121