JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 136

    Mid-Term   Mid-Term Issue / Strategy buildings located within the 65 dB or louder noise contours. NOI-2B NOI-2C NOI-2D Seymour Johnson AFB Noise MCA Consider Developing a Voluntary Sound Attenuation Retrofit Program for Residential Uses Consider developing a program that provides guidance on sound attenuation standards for retrofitting existing residential and commercial facilities. The program can include grant opportunities available to assist property owners in retrofitting structures in noise-sensitive areas. Other funding sources for retrofitting homes should be identified and provided within the program materials. Seymour Johnson AFB Noise MCA Involve JLUS Jurisdiction Staff in AICUZ Revisions Seymour Johnson AFB Noise MCA Nonconforming Uses in Noise Overlay District Provide consultation opportunities for JLUS partnering jurisdiction staff in AICUZ updates to determine actual incompatibility of existing structures in noise zones based on densities and construction methods used. Short-Term Revise the Zoning Ordinance Noise Overlay District to specific that nonconforming uses that are discontinued after 180 days cannot be reestablished and to correct inconsistencies such as statements that residential uses are not permitted within 70 dB and higher noise contours but existing residences may be reconstructed in these areas if substantially damaged or destroyed.   Page 120 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report