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Update Zoning Maps Seymour Johnson Noise, Safety, and Imaginary Surfaces MCAs Foster Enhanced Public Awareness Through Accurate Mapping   On‐Going   Short-Term Seymour Johnson Noise, Safety, and Imaginary Surfaces MCAs LU-2C LU-2B Issue / Strategy  Update zoning maps to depict overlay districts, safety zones, noise zones, and imaginary surfaces. Ensure these are featured on the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County online GIS maps to assist the public with determining if a property is within one of these zones.  Provide all of the surrounding local, county, regional, and state governments with an accurate geographic information system (GIS) data layer or geodatabase of the installation boundaries and military footprints that extend outside the installation for inclusion on all land use, transportation, park and recreation, public facilities, and other related planning documents. For another strategy that addresses this issue see Strategy LU-1A.          LU-3 Need for Enhanced Zoning Regulations Specific to Seymour Johnson AFB Airfield Imaginary Surfaces Height restrictions for areas surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB are incorporated in City of Goldsboro zoning regulations by reference but there is no explanation of the imaginary surfaces, heights associated with each, or how they are applied. Though the Wayne County Zoning Regulations include imaginary surfaces, there is a reliance on FAA Obstruction Evaluations for determining compliance with height requirements which only address structures greater than 199 feet. This may be insufficient for areas in close proximity to Seymour Johnson AFB. LU-3A Seymour Johnson AFB Imaginary Surfaces MCA Amend Zoning Regulations and Procedures for Imaginary Surface Heights and Slopes Long-Term   The City of Goldsboro and Wayne County should amend zoning regulations to explain imaginary surface slopes and heights, how structure heights are assessed   Page 114 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report