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A D AFB AGL AI AICUZ AP AP/1B APZs ARNWR Air Force Base above ground level Airport Industry District Air Installation Compatibility Use Zone Airport Overlay District Department of Defense Area Planning for Military Training Routes Accident Potential Zones Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge dB DCR DNL DNL DOD DSS E decibel Dare County Range Night Average Sound Level day‐night sound level Department of Defense Dust / Smoke / Steam B BASH BIO C CA CAMA COM CRC CRP CZs Bird / Wildlife Air Strike Hazard Biological Resources Climate Adaptation Coastal Area Management Act Communication / Coordination Coastal Resources Commission Comprehensive Range Plan Clear Zones ED ESQD ETJ F FAA FW FY Energy Development Explosive Safety Quantity extraterritorial jurisdiction Federal Aviation Administr Fighter Wing Fiscal Year Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report A   AFB  AGL  AI  AICUZ  AP  AP/1B  APZs  ARNWR  D Air Force Base   above ground level  Airport Industry District  Air Installation Compatibility Use Zone Airport Overlay District   Department of Defense Area Planning for  Military Training Routes  Accident Potential Zones  Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge     E     B M# ) %? ) ɓ ]  Mɥ !ɓ ) Iͽɍ ) )ɗ չ I )9 ٕɅ Mչ 1ٕ )A ͽչ ٕ)ѵ ͗ ) M Mѕ + )+ )) H)90)90)=)ML) )ME )Q+ )ɝ ٕ )ͥٗ M EՅѥ х )Ʌѕɥѽɥ ɥ͑ѥ + )) + )  ) 5 ) =7 ) I ) IC ) i ) ї хѥ ) х ɕ 5  ) չѥ ɑѥ ) х Iͽɍ ͥ ) ɕͥٗ I A ) i )M嵽 )ͽ  ɗ չ I )1UO I + ))\)d+ + )Ʌ ٥ѥ Ʌѥ )ѕ ] )͍ e + )A