JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 126

Issue / Strategy General Statutes Sections 143-151 and 153A-323(b). Noise MCA – Includes all land off-installation within the Seymour Johnson AFB 65 dB contour for aircraft noise, as identified by the Seymour Johnson AFB Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Report.  Safety MCA – Includes the Clear Zone (CZ) and Accident Potential Zones (APZs) I and II associated with the Seymour Johnson AFB runway.  Imaginary Surfaces MCA – Includes land under the imaginary surfaces for the runway at Seymour Johnson AFB.  BASH MCA – Includes an area within 5 miles of the airport operational area at Seymour Johnson AFB where the majority of bird strikes are statistically likely to occur. To assist in this effort, geographic information system (GIS) files of these boundaries should be made available by the North Carolina Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division following finalization of this JLUS and approval of these MCAs. Updates to the data relative to noise contours shall be provided by Seymour Johnson AFB as a result of significant changes that support a public release of an updated AICUZ Study.  Where appropriate, the jurisdictions should incorporate the MCAOD and MCA boundaries on their future land use and zoning maps and publish on their websites for easy access by the public. Other Partners: North Carolina Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division   Page 110 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report