JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 124

Issue / Strategy Other Primary Partners: local airports constrained by military airspace LAS-6 Aerial Crop Spraying Proximate to Dare County Range Low-level flight used for the aerial application of crop spraying in Military Training Routes and Restricted Areas near the Dare County Range has the potential to impact military flight training. LAS-6A DCR Vertical Obstruction MAA Implement Scheduling Coordination Mid-Term   Implement scheduling coordination procedures to deconflict operations and accommodate access by local farming interests when they need to fly in or through Military Training Routes and Restricted Areas, when they are active. Other Primary Partners: farmers, crop dusting operators, NC Farm Bureau, Blackland Farm Managers Association, NC State Grange, Beaufort County Grange, local airport leadership LAS-7 Recreational Use of Drones Recreational drone use has the potential to interfere with military overflight near the Dare County Range and within Military Training Routes. LAS-7A DCR Vertical Obstruction MAA Promote Awareness of Regulations for Unmanned Aircraft Long-Term        Promote awareness of Federal Aviation Administration rules for unmanned aircraft hobbyists and non-hobbyists including areas where such aircraft may and may not be permissible. For another strategy that addresses this issue see Strategy LAS-6A.     Page 108 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report