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Issue / Strategy potential mitigations. The committee composition should reflect the northeastern North Carolina JLUS Study Area jurisdictions, Seymour Johnson AFB, and other agencies / organizations that can assist with data collection, analysis, and support. Publish evaluation findings to make available to a wide audience including federal and state agencies and the general public. Primary Lead Partner: NC Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division Other Primary Partners: US Fish and Wildlife Service, North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, NC Natural Heritage Program, NC State University and College of Natural Resources, University Cooperative for Readiness and Conservation, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, NC Farm Bureau, soil and water conservation districts, NC State Grange, local airport leadership LAS-2 Potential for Increased use of Dare County Range Concern that increased use along with evolving and new missions at Dare County Range could introduce additional impacts on areas of overflight in northeast North Carolina. For a strategy that addresses this issue see Strategy LAS-1A.           Page 106 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report