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   Issue / Strategy   Service, and JLUS Study Partner jurisdiction Emergency Services Departments of planned controlled burns. Primary Lead Partner: North Carolina Forest Service Other Partners: North Carolina State Highway Patrol and US Fish and Wildlife Service DSS-2 Wildfire Impacts on Dare County Range Operations Wildfires have the potential to impact flight patterns and training activities at the Dare County Range. DSS-2A DCR Coordination MAA Continue to Enhance Resources to Fight Wildfires On-Going Continue to monitor wildfire threat conditions and plan for wildfire suppression in areas surrounding the Dare County Range including MOAs, MTRs, and restricted area airspace through the continued coordination of resources, application of grants and assistance for fire department training and equipment procurement, and participation in fire-training courses. Consider including Hyde and Tyrrell counties in wildfire preparedness activities in conjunction with Strategy COM-6A. Other Primary Partners: North Carolina Forest Service District 13, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, and North Carolina Department of Public Services Emergency Management   Page 100 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report