JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 113

COM-7 Issue / Strategy Awareness of Communication Procedures for Contacting Seymour Johnson / Dare County Range Regarding Complaints and / or Concerns Local jurisdictions and the public do not know who to contact at Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range regarding concerns, complaints or coordination. COM-7A Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD / DCR MIA Make Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range Points of Contact More Widely Known Advertise and increase awareness of Seymour Johnson Public Affairs and other contact numbers for all community complaints and inquiries. Communication procedures, including methods for providing input, posing inquiries, and expected response time should be prominently posted on the Seymour Johnson AFB website and made available on jurisdiction websites, social media, and posted in public facilities such as community centers, municipal buildings, and local newsletters. Short-Term    COM-7B Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD / DCR MIA Informational Brochure Short-Term    Develop and distribute an informational brochure describing the Air Force mission and airspace needed to effectively conduct the military mission at the Dare County Range along with Public Affairs contact information. This brochure should be distributed to all the JLUS jurisdictions’ public offices, posted to the Seymour Johnson AFB website homepage and distributed to JLUS Study Area jurisdictions so that it can be posted on their websites. For additional strategies that address this issue see Strategies COM-1A, COM-2E, and COM-2F.                    Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Page 97