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Issue / Strategy hearings related to development applications Beaufort County () should consider formalizing notification to the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in the CAMA Land Use Plan for development within Restricted Area R-5306A. COM-5D DCR MIA Review of Military Planning Documents Short-Term  Seymour Johnson AFB should provide public versions of any key planning documents, e.g., related to the Dare County Range and its use for review and comment prior to finalization. For additional strategies that address this issue see Strategies COM-2B, COM- 2D, COM-2I, COM-3A, and COM-3B. COM-6          Mutual Aid for Fire Management / EMS between Dare County Range and Surrounding Counties Need for formal Memorandum of Understanding to provide mutual aid for Fire Management / Emergency Medical Services with Dare County Range due to the remoteness of the Range location and rural nature of surrounding counties. COM-6A DCR Coordination MAA Memorandum of Understanding for Mutual Aid      Develop formal Memorandums of Understanding between Dare County Range and Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington counties for Fire Management / EMS Services / Emergency Response for military emergencies that impact areas outside the Dare County Range. Other Primary Partner: Town of Creswell   Page 96 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report