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Issue / Strategy institutions COM-3 Coordination with Northeast North Carolina Jurisdictions Lack of coordination between Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range and northeast North Carolina counties, cities and towns on planning and land use issues leading to lack of information sharing and coordinated evaluation of reciprocal development impacts. COM-3A DCR Coordination MAA Establish Internal Information Liaisons COM-3B DCR MIA Create and Maintain a GIS Data Clearinghouse Short-Term   Mid-Term            Each northeastern NC jurisdiction and Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range should identify an internal liaison within their organization that is responsible for relaying information from outside parties to their organization to ensure that all entities are aware of pertinent information and information does not stop at one person.   The counties and municipalities in the northeast North Carolina JLUS Study Area, as well as federal and state agencies and Seymour Johnson AFB should work collaboratively to develop a GIS clearinghouse to share GIS data for the Dare County Range JLUS Study Area, e.g., military footprints, existing land use, zoning, and other pertinent GIS data, to enable enhanced long-range compatibility planning. In addition, a protocol for accessing and updating the information should be developed to ensure accuracy and appropriate security measures are established. Primary Lead Partner: NC Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division Other Partners: federal and state agencies, as appropriate   Page 88 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report