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Issue / Strategy address any upcoming mission changes or operations that may have an impact on the jurisdictions and whereby the public can voice any issues or questions they may have. The Good Neighbor Program should include visits to each of the impacted jurisdictions in order to be more convenient and beneficial to all citizens of each jurisdiction, including those unable to attend site specific events. COM-2G DCR Coordination MAA Small Business Expo Mid-Term Consider conducting a Small Business Expo to outreach and educate local businesses on potential opportunities to support the needs of the Dare County Range. Consider a military presence at local events to increase public awareness and exposure.        Other Partners: NC Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division, NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Chambers of Commerce COM-2I DCR Coordination MAA Create a Dare County Range Community Affairs Committee Mid-Term        Create a citizen-led Dare County Range Community Affairs Committee consisting of business leaders, property owners, and students to educate and advocate for sustaining the missions at the Dare County Range. The committee could be established through partnerships between Chambers of Commerce who could provide logistics support. Identify champions in the community, community organizations and educational institutions that can sustain the committee once established. Consideration should be made to ensure that public relations materials and efforts include accommodations for non-English speaking citizens. Other Primary Partners: Chambers of Commerce, local citizens, educational   Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report Page 87