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Provide Mutual Briefings COM-2D DCR Coordination MAA Issue / Strategy Short-Term                           To perpetually enhance support and cooperation, and reinforce the partnership between Seymour Johnson AFB, Dare County Range and JLUS Study Area jurisdictions, installation leadership should annually present a “state of the installation” briefing including strategic goals, operational changes, and proposed construction projects that may impact the jurisdictions to the northeast North Carolina JLUS Study Area county commissions and city / town councils. The jurisdictions should provide annual briefings to Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range leadership of changes within the communities that may impact the installation including comprehensive plans, master plans, transportation plans, zoning, development projects, and capital improvement plans. Other Partners: NC Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division, NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs COM-2E DCR Coordination MAA Consider Hosting Open House Events at Dare County Range Consider public open house events and installation tours at the Dare County Range to provide enhanced insight on the military mission to educate these groups about the mission at Seymour Johnson AFB and the Dare County Range. Seymour Johnson AFB should evaluate the requirements for such events. Mid-Term COM-2F Good Neighbor Program Mid-Term DCR Coordination MAA  Seymour Johnson AFB should conduct, on a quarterly basis, a Good Neighbor Program in each northeast North Carolina JLUS Study Area jurisdiction where property owners are invited to a Dare County Range Neighbor Town Hall meeting to provide a platform for a two-way communication whereby the Air Force can   Page 86 Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range JLUS Report