JLUS Background Report - Page 99

T S Col um bi a 308 Bertie Rope r ym out h County Pl T S 64 Phelps A MOA Washington County J am e svi l l e Don al d' s Ai r Park Pl ym out h Mun i c i pal Ai rport ¬ « 32 45 Beaufort County Tyrrell County Hyde County Whi t f i el d' s East Ai rport Be l have n 99 92 Bat h ¬ « b a 94 ¬ « ¬ « Hyde Coun t y Ai rport Hodge s Farm Ai rport Le e Cre e k Ai rport Figure 3-20 T S 345 Dare Dare Coun t y County Ran ge Phelps B MOA ¬ « Pan t e go Phelps C MOA Cre swe l l £ ¤ Martin 149 County Nags He ad Man t eo Stumpy Point MOA Pamlico A MOA Military Operating Areas Surrounding Dare County Range Legend Military Operating Areas Air Force MOAs Phe l ps A – Fl oor i s 6, 000 f t . AMSL Phe l ps B – Fl oor i s 10, 000 f t . AMSL Phe l ps C – Fl oor i s 15, 000 f t . AMSL ¬ « 12 Navy MOAs Pam l i c o A/ B – Fl oor i s 8, 000 f t . AMSL St um py Poi n t – Fl oor i s Surf ac e Marine Corps MOA Core MOA – Fl oor i s 3, 000 f t . AMSL 264 I n st al l at i on Boun dary Coun t y Boun dary Aurora J LU S Coun t y Part ner ¬ « 33 Pamlico B MOA S T T S Me si c 30 [HHHB ”[[X[BBHZBšHZBܝHB^B]HB^BZBYܘ[؛ܛ˜Bܛ[BH™HXۈH[MB •0“][BšB[[\B]HBܘX›HB[ZBܝܚBH[\\ZBZBHHX]Hܘ][[BHܝŒŒL B\\][B°[ܙHHYšBH]YHܝ][BZBšYHHBB[HXBB[ N[HHBBBHX’BHܙH°Xܛ[0\ܝܙHSB\™NH[H\ۈQ MKBLZB\”Yp $