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• Inner Horizontal Surfaces include an inner surface at 150 feet above airfield elevation extending to 7,500 feet from the runway , and an outer surface at 500 feet above airfield elevation extending from 14,500 feet to 44,500 feet from the runway end .
• Outer Horizontal Surfaces include an outer surface at 500 feet above airfield elevation extending to 30,000 feet from the conical surface .
• The Conical and other Transitional Surfaces is an inclined plane connecting the Horizontal Surfaces to the Approach / Departure Clearance Surfaces and the Primary Surface .
• Transitional Surfaces connects the primary , CZ , and approachdeparture clearance surface to the conical , outer horizontal , other horizontal and / or other transitional surfaces . The Transitional Surface has a slop of 7:1 that is upward and outward from the centerline of the runway .
Federal Aviation Act ( Part 77 ) Obstruction Evlauation The Federal Aviation Act [ Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations ( CFR ) Part 77 ] was enacted in 1958 to provide methods for overseeing and regulating civilian and military use of airspace over the United States . The Act requires the Secretary of Transportation to make long‐range plans that formulate policy for the orderly development and use of navigable air space . The intent is to serve the needs of both civilian aeronautics and national defense but it does not specifically address the needs of military agencies . The Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) was created as a result of the Act for a variety of purposes , including the management of airspace over the US .
The 500‐foot rule , promulgated by the FAA , states that every citizen of the United States has “ a public right of freedom of transit in air commerce through the navigable air space of the United States .” The rule was formally announced in the 1963 Court of Claims ruling in Aaron v . United States and states that flights 500 feet or more AGL do not represent a compensable
taking because flights 500 feet AGL enjoy a right liability to the owners below .
Another important outcome of the Act is FAA Re commonly known as Part 77 , which provides the vertical obstruction compatibility . This regulatio evaluate the potential for a vertical obstruction airfield , the height and resulting elevation of the the location of the structure or facility relative to regulation determines compatibility based on th structures or natural features relative to their di runway . Using a distance formula from this regu easily assess the height restrictions near airfields Part 77 is located on the Federal Aviation Admin http :// www . faa . gov /.
Part 77.17 is meant to establish standards to det navigable airspace , typically within a certain dist airfield . It defines an obstruction to air navigatio greater height than any of the following heights manner :
• A height of 499 feet AGL at the site of the
• A height that is 200 feet AGL or above the elevation , whichever is higher , within 3 na established reference point of an airport , longest runway more than 3,200 feet in a increases in the proportion of 100 feet for mile of distance from the airport up to a m Figure 3‐12 for an illustration of this portio Obstruction Compliance .
Background Report
 Inner Horizontal Surfaces include an inner surface at 150 feet above  airfield elevation extending to 7,500 feet from the runway, and an  outer surface at 500 feet above airfield elevation extending from  14,500 feet to 44,500 feet from the runway end.   Outer Horizontal Surfaces include an outer surface at 500 feet above  airfield elevation extending to 30,000 feet ppۚX[0\XK00kpۚX[0[0\[][ۘ[0\X\\[[[Y0[pۛX[pܚ^۝[0\X\p\X0 \\\pX\[p\X\[0p[X\p\XKk[][ۘ[0\X\ۛXp[X\K0֋0[0\X8$\\\pX\[p\XppۚX[ 0]\ܚ^۝[ 0\ܚ^۝[0[ ܰ\[][ۘ[0\X\˰0p[][ۘ[0\Xp\p0ٰ Όp]0\\\0[0]\0pp[\[pٰp[^KZ[X]\pY L 0Y]0Q0[ppY0ٰYp\Yp]]0XX[]ppۙ\[˰[\[\ܝ[0]YpٰpX0\PpY[][۰]p M0\0 0[[ۛpۛ۰\\0 0X0ݚY\p\\ܰ][X][۰ٰ\X[0؜X[۰\]X[]K0\Y[][۰ݚY\[ܛX][۰][X]pp[X[0ܰp\X[0؜X[۰\Y0۰p[]][۰ٰpZ\Y[ 0pZY0[0\[[[]][۰ٰp]X\pܰX[]K0[0p][۰ٰpX\pܰX[]p[]]ppZ\Y[0[]Y\[ۋ0\Y[][۰]\Z[\\]X[]p\Y0۰pZY0ٰY0X\\ܰ]\[0X]\\[]]pZ\\[ppp[ٰp[^K0\[p\[pܛ][pp\Y[][ۋ0[0\\X[ۜ[X\[p\\pZY0\X[ۜX\Z\Y[˰Y][ۘ[0[ܛX][۰۰\0 \]Y0۰pY\[0]X][۰YZ[\][۰[\]0]p]0˙XK݋˰\0 ˌM\YX[0\X\0[\]\Z[p؜X[ۜ][]YXpZ\XK0\X[p][p\Z[\[pp[Z\ܝ0ܰZ\Y[ ]0Y[\[؜X[۰Z\]Y][۰\[ؚX0]0\ٰܙX]\ZY0[[pٰp[ZYܰ\X\[p[X[\Y\[]X][ۈX \ H؜X[ۈ]]X][ۂpY\[0]X][۰X0]p M0pٰY\[0Y[][ۜ єp\0 p\[XY0[ NMN0ݚYpY]ܰݙ\YZ[[0Y[][][X[[0Z[]\p\pٰZ\Xpݙ\p[]Y0]\˰0pX0\]Z\\pXܙ]\pٰ[ܝ][۰XZpۙ$[p[]0ܛ][]pXpܰpܙ\p][Y[0[0\pٰ]YXpZ\XK0p[[0\\ppYYٰ0][X[Y\ۘ]]X[0][ۘ[0Y[p]0]0\0XYX[pY\pYYٰZ[]\pY[Y\˰0pY\[0]X][۰YZ[\][۰ PJp\ܙX]Y0\p\[0ٰpX0ܰp\Y]pٰ\\0[Y[pX[Y[Y[0ٰZ\Xpݙ\pT˰00p L 8$0[K0][]Y0ppPK0]\]0]\p]^[ٰp[]Y0]\\8'pXXY0ٰYYpٰ[]0[Z\[Y\pY0p]YXpZ\Xpٰp[]Y0]\˸'p0p[p\ܛX[p[[Y0[p NM\0ٰZ[\[[[X\۰[]Y0]\[0]\]0Y L 0Y]0ܰ[ܙpQ00\\[0p\[XpXܛ[0\ܝ0kpZY0ٰ NpY]0Q0]0p]pٰpؚX kpZY0]0\ 0Y]0Q0ܰXݙpp\X\Y0Z\ܝ0[]][ۋ0X]\\Y\0][ ]]X[0Z[\ٰp\X\Y0Y\[p[0ٰ[Z\ܝ 0^Y[[\ܝ0]0]ۙ\0[^p[ܙp[ 0Y]0[XX[0[ 0\ZY0[ܙX\\[pܝ[۰ٰ L 0Y]0ܰXX0Y][ۘ[0]]X[0Z[pٰ\[pppZ\ܝ0\0pX^[][pٰ NpY]YpY\p $ Lܰ[[\][۰ٰ\ܝ[۰ٰpPp\0 \X[0؜X[۰\X[KYp $ p