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• Seymour Johnson AFB partners with the City of Goldsboro to host monthly public tours that provide the community with an up‐close look at the aircraft assigned to the base .
• In 2015 , Seymour Johnson AFB and the City of Goldsboro entered into a Public‐Public and Public‐Private Partnership ( P4 ) for the City to lease 62 acres from the Base to construct a multi‐sports complex .
3.5 Military Operations
Mission Seymour Johnson is a major base for Air Combat Command whose mission is to support worldwide air operations by providing deployable aircraft and trained airmen for combat missions .
The primary mission performed at Seymour Johnson AFB is that of the base ' s host command , the 4th FW . The mission of the 4th FW is " Dominant Strike Eagle Airpower ... Anytime , Anywhere ". The Wing ’ s vision is “ Be the Combat Wing of Choice … Follow Us !” In addition to the host unit Seymour Johnson AFB has three other major tenant units that accomplish different and varied missions . The current mission operations of the Seymour Johnson AFB include the following core functions and associated sub‐elements :
Host Unit
4th Fighter Wing 4th FW provides all‐weather F‐15E Strike Eagle aircraft and training academy for all USAF aircrew on the aircraft to provide worldwide deployable airmen and aircraft . In order to ensure their mission , the 4th FW maintains all aircraft and equipment , and provides training in standardized weapons loading and academics . The Wing has provided operational fighter units for over 65 years , consisting of four major groups and four fighter squadrons .
These groups include the 4th Maintenance Grou the 4th Mission Support Group , and the 4th Ope
The 4th Maintenance Group comprises four squ the maintenance support used to maintain , mob Strike Eagle aircraft . The group also oversees all while providing standardized weapons loading a 4th Medical Group provides primary and special and dental services to the Goldsboro area and d resources around the world . The 4th Mission Su for the leadership and management of civil engin support , security and law enforcement , educatio and recreation for the installation community . T the largest organization within the 4th FW and c operational fighter squadrons and two F‐15E figh
• 333d Fighter Squadron ( 333 FS ) ‐ Lancers ,
• 334th Fighter Squadron ( 334 FS ) ‐ Eagles , “
• 335th Fighter Squadron ( 335 FS ) ‐ Chiefs , “
• 336th Fighter Squadron ( 336 FS ) ‐ Rockete
The 4th Operations Group is also responsible for only F‐15E training operation under the 4th Trai of the 4 TS is to provide academic training and s world ' s best‐trained and most capable F‐15E figh only F‐15E academic squadron in the world , inst simulator , and aircraft .
Tenant Units
916th Air Refueling Wing As a part of the Air Reserve Command , aircrews Refueling Wing ( 916 ARW ) operate the KC‐135R
Background Report
 Seymour Johnson AFB partners with the City of Goldsboro to host  monthly public tours that provide the community with an up‐close look  at the aircraft assigned to the base.   In 2015, Seymour Johnson AFB and the City of G ͉ɿ ѕɕ ѿ ) AՉAAՉ AՉAAɥمї Aѹ͡ @Ч ѡ ѿ ͗ ( ɕ ɽ ѡ ͗ ѿ Ս ձѧA (̸)Q͗ ɽ Ց ѡ ѣ 5ѕ ɽ ѡ ѣ 5 ɽ )ѡ ѣ 5ͥ M ɽ ѡ ѣ =Ʌѥ ɽ )Q ѣ 5ѕ ɽ ɥ͕ Յɽ ɕͥ )ѡ ѕ ͕ ѿ х 锳 @ )Mɥ  ɍɅл Q ɽ Ϳ ٕ͕ ե ѕ )ݡ ɽ٥ хɑ镓 ݕ Ʌ Q (ѣ 5 ɽ ɽ٥ ɥ ѥ ɗ ) х ͕٥ ѿ ѡ ͉ɿ ɕ ͽ )ɕͽɍ ɽչ ѡ ݽɱ Q ѣ 5ͥ M ɽ ɕͥ ) ѡ ͡ ٥ ɥ ѕ ѕ )г ͕ɥ ɍг Սѥ ͕٥̳ ͥ ) ɕɕѥ ѡ хѥ չ Q ѣ =Ʌѥ ɽ )ѡ ɝ ɝѥ ݥѡ ѡ ѣ _ ͥ ݿ @ )Ʌѥ ѕ Յɽ ݿ @ ѕ Ʌ Յɽ )5х=Ʌѥ)5ͥ)M嵽 )ͽ ͗  ݡ͗ ͥ )ѿ ݽɱݥ Ʌѥ ɽ٥ 光 ɍɅ )Ʌ ɵ ̻ͥ )Q ɥ ͥ əɵ M嵽 )ͽ  ѡ ѡ ͔ ) ѡ ѣ \ Q ͥ ѡ ѣ _  Mɥ ) ݕȸѥ ݡɔ Q ]e ٥ͥ q ѡ )]  U̇w % ѥ ѿ ѡ չ M嵽 )ͽ ) ѡɕ ѡ ѕ չ ѡ ͣ ɕ مɥ )̻ͥ Q ɕ ͥ Ʌѥ ѡ M嵽 )ͽ  )Ց ѡ ݥ ɗ չѥ ͽѕ ՋA (͓ ѕ MՅɽ LC 1̳ qI  ͠ +ѣ ѕ MՅɽ LC ̳ q ՗  ͠ +ѣ ѕ MՅɽ LC ̳ qɕ  ͣw +ѣ ѕ MՅɽ LC Iѕ̳ qe  ͠ )Q ѣ =Ʌѥ ɽ Ϳ ɕͥ Սѥ ѡ  ɍe ) @ Ʌ Ʌѥ չ ѡ ѣ QɅ MՅɽ Q ͥ ) ѡ QO ѿ ɽ٥ Ʌ ѿ ɽՍ ѡ )ݽɱ ӊAɅ @ ѕ ɍɕ̻ Q QO ѡ ) @ Յɽ ѡ ݽɱ Սѥ ѡ ɽ )ͥձѽȳ ɍɅл )!ЁU(ѣ ѕ ] (ѣ _ ɽ٥ Aݕѡ @ Mɥ  ɍɅ Ʌ ) UM ɍɕ ѡ ɍɅ ѿ ɽ٥ ݽɱݥ 光 ɵ ) ɍɅл % ɑ ѿ ɗ ѡ ͥ ѡ ѣ _ х )ɍɅ եг ɽ٥ Ʌ хɑ镓 ݕ ) ̻ Q ] ɽ٥ Ʌѥ ѕ չ )ٕ 啅̳ ͥѥ ɽ ѕ Յɽ̻ ) ɽչ I +)QЁU(ѣ  IՕ ] ) ѡ  I͕ٗ ɍɕ ݥѡ ѡ ѣ  )IՕ ] I\ Ʌї ѡ -@K MɅѽх ѿ ɽ٥ + )A ϊ@