JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 66

Seymour Johnson AFB Installation Setting 70 _ ^ Legend _ ^ _ ^ Gate Installation Structure ASH Goldsboro Figure 3-2 GATEWAY £ ¤ ELM Y HAR RIS E EL RK BE Big Dit c h Housing Other Installation Boundary Municipal Boundary US Highway State Highway _ ^ Local Road Railroad 581 W IS DA I RY AN RID SHE G EST FOR sB llow r a nch Fe KNOL LS ROLLINS LE RC E 11 1 CI K OA T AN GR K BAN ING SPR Neuse River Source: Seymour Johnson AFB, 2016. Wayne County, 2015. SC OT T RK O LD IAL BR ID G YO Page 3‐4 CO LON HER R IN CO A C UNTR RE S Y SHE RIDA N TO N N CA PE TOM LE EK CR E AR RI NG R NG RI SP MILL CO C Water Body St o ne y Cree k T S Stream / River Seymour Johnson AFB 0 ¼ ½ Miles Background Report