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annually migrate along the Flyway utilize Mattamuskeet . In total , the refuge attracts more than 200,000 ducks , geese and swans from November through February . Additionally , about 58,000 visitors use the refuge annually to hunt , fish , and observe and photograph wildlife .
The Swanquarter National Wildlife Refuge is located near the village of Swan Quarter in Hyde County and is only accessible by boat . The refuge was established in 1923 and contains 16,411 acres , consisting of 13,200 acres of irregularly flooded brackish marsh and 3,200 acres of forested wetlands . It provides habitat and protection for endangered species such as American alligators and bald eagles as well as migratory waterfowl and other birds . With about 50,000 visitors annually , it also provides wildlife‐related recreation and environmental education for the public .
Hyde County also contains 13,000 acres of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore , which is located in the northeast portion of the county .
Tyrrell County Tyrrell County is home to several natural preservation areas including the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge , Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge , Palmetto‐Peartree Preserve , Emily and Richardson Preyer Buckridge Coastal Reserve and several State Game Lands including the Alligator River Game Land , Buckridge Game Land , Lantern Acres Game Land , New Lake Game Land , and Texas Plantation Game Land .
Tyrrell County contains 6,000 acres of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge located in the eastern portion of the county along the Alligator River . The county also contains 56,369 acres ( 50 percent ) of the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge which comprises a large portion of the southwest portion of the county . The Conservation Fund established the 10,000‐acre Palmetto‐Peartree Preserve in 1999 with funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation as a mitigation bank for the red‐cockaded
woodpecker . In addition to the significant wood preserve also provides habitat to a multitude of including the bald eagle , peregrine falcon , red w more than 100 migratory bird species . The prese camping , hunting , and fishing , and is best known opportunities . The State Game Lands are predo Alligator River with the exception of the Lantern Lands located west of North Carolina Highway 9 comprise public and private lands managed by th Commission for public hunting , trapping and inla
Washington County Pettigrew State Park is a State Park in eastern W 5,830 acres around the shore lines of Lake Phelp Pettigrew State Park is home to one of the last s eastern North Carolina , providing habitat for bla deer , Virginia opossum , raccoon , American mink river otter , fox , and bobcats . Lake Phelps and th a wide variety of waterfowl . Commonly seen wa tundra swans , mallards , American black ducks an State Park is open for year‐round recreation , inc camping , boating and picnicking .
Washington County also contains 19,540 acres o Wildlife Refuge , which is located in the northeas includes a portion of the original Pungo Unit and
Wayne County Wayne County is home to Cliffs of the Neuse Sta Springs . The park covers 892 acres along the sou River . It has a swimming area , camp sites , hiking picnic areas . A range of habitats contributes to t park . River margins , flood plains , rolling uplands
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woodpecker.  In addition to the significant woodpecker population the  preserve also provides habitat to a multitude of other wildlife species,  including the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, red wolf, black bear, bobcat and  more than 100 migratory bird species. The preserve offers hiking, biking,  camping, hunting, and fishing, and is best known for its bird watching  opportunities.  The State Game Lands are predominantly located along the  Alligator River with the exception of the Lantern Acres and New Lake Game  Lands located west of North Carolina Highway 94. The State Game Lands  comprise public and private lands managed by the NC Wildlife Resources  Commission for public hunting, trapping and inland fishing.             annually migrate along the Flyway utilize Mattamuskeet. In total, the refuge  attracts more than 200,000 ducks, geese and swans from November through  February. Additionally, about 58,000 visitors use the refuge annually to hunt,  fish, and observe and photograph wildlife.  The Swanquarter National Wildlife Refuge is located near the village of Swan  Quarter in Hyde County and is only accessible by boat. The refuge was  established in 1923 and contains 16,411 acres, consisting of 13,200 acres of  irregularly flooded brackish marsh and 3,200 acres of forested wetlands. It  provides habitat and protection for endangered species such as American  alligators and bald eagles as well as migratory waterfowl and other birds.  With about 50,000 visitors annually, it also provides wildlife‐related  recreation and environmental education for the public.  Washington County Pettigrew State Park is a State Park in eastern Washington County. It covers  5,830 acres around the shore lines of Lake Phelps and the Scuppernong River.  Pettigrew State Park is home to one of the last stands of old‐growth forest in  eastern North Carolina, providing habitat for black bear and white‐tailed  deer, Virginia opossum, raccoon, American mink, muskrat, North American  river otter, fox, and bobcats.  Lake Phelps and the Scuppernong River attract  a wide variety of waterfowl. Commonly seen waterfowl are Canada geese,  tundra swans, mallards, American black ducks and northern pintail. Pettigrew  State Park is open for year‐round recreation, including hiking, fishing,  camping, boating and picnicking.  Hyde County also contains 13,000 acres of the Alligator River National  Wildlife Refuge and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, which is located in  the northeast portion of the county.  Tyr ɕ չ)Qɕ չ ѿ ͕ٕɅ Ʌ ɕ͕مѥ ɕ Ց ѡ )Aͥ 1 9ѥ ] I՝ ѽ Iٕ 9ѥ ] )I՝ AѿAAɕ Aɕ͕ٔ  Iɑͽ Aɕ Սɥ ) х I͕ٗ ͕ٕɅ Mхї  1 Ց ѡ ѽ Iٕ ) 1 Սɥ  1 1ѕɻ ɕ  1 9 1 ) 1 Q Aхѥ  1 )]͡ѽ չ Ϳ х ɕ ѡ Aͥ 1 9ѥ )] I՝ ݡ ѕ ѡ ѡ ɹ ѡ չ Q )Ց ѥ ѡ ɥ Aչ U Aչ 1 )Qɕ չ х ذ ɕ ѡ ѽ Iٕ 9ѥ ] )I՝ ѕ ѡ ѕɻ ѥ ѡ չ ѡ ѽ IٕȻ )Q չ Ϳ х ذ ɕ ɍЧ ѡ Aͥ 1 )9ѥ ] I՝ ݡ ɥ͕ ɝ ѥ ѡ ͽѡݕ )ѥ ѡ չ Q ͕مѥ չ х͡ ѡ ÊAɗ )AѿAAɕ Aɕ͕ٗ ݥѣ չ ɽ ѡ 9ѣ ɽ )ѵ QɅхѥ ѥѥ ѡ ɕA ) ɽչ I )]幔 չ)]幗 չ ѿ ѡ 9͗ Mхї Aɯ ѡ Qݻ Mѕٕ )Mɥ̻ Q ɯ ٕ ɕ ѡ ͽѡɻ ѡ 9͗ )IٕȻ % ݥ ɕ ͥѕ̳ Ʌ̳ ͡ ɕ̳ ) ɕ̻  Ʌ х ɥѕ ѿ ѡ مɥ ѡ )ɬ Iٕ ɝ̳ ̳ ɽ Ʌ٥ ɗ ѿ + )A ˊ@