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The City of Washington was developed along the Pamlico River , with its downtown and Main Street running parallel to the river . Many local businesses , along with the educational North Carolina Estuarium , are located nearby the Pamlico River . The river carries hundreds of boats per year and is a popular fishing spot .
Goose Creek State Park is a state park southeast of the City Washington . It covers 1,672 acres and is home to a wide variety of wildlife , featuring salt water marshes , inlets and creeks on the northern side of the Pamlico River . Goose Creek State Park is open for year‐round recreation , and is a top tourist destination for guests visiting the City of Washington and Beaufort County . It is open for year‐round recreation offering camping , boating , fishing , hiking , swimming , picnicking , and environmental education .
Goose Creek State Park also offers refuge to a wide variety of plant and animal species that thrive in the various habitats in place at the park . Sedges , sawgrass and black needle rush can be found in the brackish marshes near the Pamlico River . These tall grasses provide cover and nesting sites for the many wading birds of the park , including , marsh wren , rails , herons and egrets .
The marshes of the park recede in swamps . These swamps are home to bald cypress , loblolly pine and red cedar trees . Many of the trees are covered in Spanish moss . The swamps are home to a wide variety of wildlife including barred owls , frogs , turtles , snakes , minks , turkeys , muskrats and raccoons . Larger animals include white‐tailed deer , bobcats , black bear and gray foxes . The waters of Goose Creek and the Pamlico River are visited by a wide variety of migratory birds . Tundra swans and Canada geese winter at the park as do bufflehead , mallard and wood ducks .
In addition to the Goose Creek State park , Goose Creek Gameland , managed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission , is a series of waterfowl impoundments , each about 200 acres in size . It is located on a peninsula on the south side of the Pamlico River nearby the T and Pamlico counties .
Bertie County The Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge is lo County . It was established in 1989 to protect and consisting of bottomland hardwoods and swamp along the Roanoke River . Refuge lands cover 20 , bottomland hardwood forest interspersed with c include forested wetlands . The refuge includes p ecosystem that contains several southeastern pl types . These include levee forest , cypress‐gum s hardwoods , oxbows , beaver ponds and blackwat
The refuge includes valuable wetlands for fish an waterfowl , neotropical migrants , and anadromo species of birds , including 88 breeding resident s heron rookery in the state . It is also home to wh largest natural wild turkey populations in North population of black bear .
Dare County Dare County is home to 122,063 acres of the Alli Refuge , which occupies a majority of the peninsu addition to the upland in Dare County , 13,000 ac County and 6,000 acres lie in Tyrrell County , tota acres . The refuge provides a variety of habitats of wildlife . It has been estimated that about 200 portion of time on the refuge . Endangered and t the refuge include the American alligator , Ameri falcon , red wolf , and the red‐cockaded woodpec to one of the largest remaining concentrations o Atlantic coast . In 1986 , after becoming extinct in
Background Report
The City of Washington was developed along the Pamlico River, with its  downtown and Main Street running parallel to the river. Many local  businesses, along with the educational North Carolina Estuarium, are located  nearby the Pamlico River. The river carries hundreds of boats per year and  \p[\\[ p]0Ypٰp[[X]\X\pp۰ٰ]\ܘp[X]Yܝ0[0[[X[Y\˰\YH[BpܙYZ]p\\p]p\]X\0ٰp]p\[ۋ]0ݙ\ K ̰Xܙ\[0\YppYp\Y]pٰ[YK0X]\[[0]\X\\0[][0ܙYZ۰pܝ\Ypٰp[[X]\pܙYZ]p\\[ܰYX\$[0XܙX][ۋ0[0\p0\\0\[][۰ܰY\\][p]pٰ\[۰[0X]Yܝ0[K]0\[ܰYX\$[0XܙX][۰ٙ\[[\[0][0\[0Z[0[[Z[0XۚX[0[0[\ۛY[[0YX][ۋp[p]\][ۘ[0[YpYYp\]Y0[]\\Yp[K]0\\X\Y0[ NNpX0[0[[pY0][ۜ\[ٰ[[0\[0[\]0Y0]\0[Yp[ۙp[p]\YYp[ݙ\ M0Xܙ\[0ۜ\0ٰ[[0\0ܙ\0[\\Y0]0\\$\[Y]0[Ypܙ\Y0][˰pYYp[Y\\0ٰ[^[]p][0X\[p]0۝Z[]\[0]X\\[0[][]Y\[0X]]0\\˰\p[Yp]Ypܙ\ 0\\$[p[\ 0[[0\00X]\ۙ[0X]\X[\˰0pܙYZ]p\[ٙ\YYppYp\Y]pٰ[0[0[[X[0XY\]0]p[p\[\X]][Xp]0p\˰Y\0]ܘ\[0XYYp\0[p[0[pX\0X\\X\p[[X]\\p[0ܘ\\ݚYpݙ\[0\[]\ܰpX[pY[\ٰp\0[Y[0X\0ܙ[0Z[0\ۜ[0Yܙ]˰pYYp[Y\[XXp][ܰ\0[0[YK0\XX[pܰ]\ 0[X[0ZYܘ[0[0[Y[\\ pYYp M0XY\ٰ\0[Y[0YY[\Y[0XY\[0p\\0[[0\۰\p[p]K]0\[Yp]x$Z[Y0Y\0ۙpٰp\\0]\[0[0\^p[][ۜ[ܝ0\[K0[0p[[[0[][۰ٰXX\pX\\ٰp\XYp[[\˰\p[\\pYp[0\\0؛p[p[0Y0Y\Y\˰X[pٰpY\\pݙ\Y0[[\0[˰p[\\pYppYp\Y]pٰ[Yp[Y[\Y000\\0ۘZ\0Z[0\^\0]\ܘ][0Xۜ˰\\[[X[[Yp]x$Z[Y0Y\0ؘ]0XX\[0ܘ^p\˰p]\ٰpܙYZ[0p[[X]\\p\]Y0ppYp\Y]pٰZYܘ]ܞp\˰[p[[0[YpY\p[\]0p\\YZXY 0X[\0[00X˰\H[B\p[p\Yp L Xܙ\ٰp[Y]ܰ]\][ۘ[0[YpYYK0X0\Y\pXZܚ]pٰp[[[pܝ[۰ٰp[K0[Y][۰p\[0[\p[K0 L 0Xܙ\ٰpYYpYp[Yp[p[0 0Xܙ\Yp[\[0[K0[[\[X][p M K 0Xܙ\˰0pYYpݚY\p\Y]pٰX]]\ܝ0\\\\ٰ[YK]0\Y[\[X]Y0]0X]0 0XY\ٰ\[0pܝ[۰ٰ[Yp۰pYYK[[\Y0[0X][Y0XY\[0۰pYYp[Ypp[Y\X[[Y]܋0[Y\X[[0XYK0\Yܚ[p[ۋ0Y00[0pY8$YY0X\pYYp\[Ypۙpٰp\\0[XZ[[ۘ[][ٰۜXX\[ۙpZY8$][X\ [ NN 0Y\XZ[^[0[p NM0pY0[Y][۰ppܙYZ]p\0pܙYZ[Y[[ 0X[YY0ppܝ0\[p[Yp\\\[Z\[ۋ0\p\Y\ٰ]\0[\[Y[0XX0X]0 0Xܙ\[^K]0\]Y0۰p[[[p۰Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp $ p