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2.7 Transportation
The local roadway system consists of highways , primary arterials , minor arterials , major and minor collectors , and local residential streets . The intent of this local roadway system is to provide mobility and access to the various communities within the JLUS Study Area , and to connect them to other communities outside the Study Area . In addition , some of these roadways serve the counties residents and visitors by providing interstate and regional access .
The following is a brief description of the transportation network in the Study Area .
Several highways traverse the Study Area with the number of highways decreasing as one moves east through the region to the North Carolina coast .
Seymour Johnson AFB is located southeast of Interstate 795 ( I‐795 ). The main highway within Wayne County is US Route 70 . The highway provides access to I‐95 and Raleigh to the west and the coast of North Carolina to the east . Interstate 795 , a 24‐mile section of divided highway , is the only interstate located within the Study Area and directly connects to US Route 264 and I‐95 outside of Wilson , NC to the north . Interstate 795 begins in the City of Goldsboro at the US Route 70 interchange . All together I‐795 is 24 miles long .
US Route 70 is the main thoroughfare through the City of Goldsboro . It is oriented east and west and located just north of Seymour Johnson AFB . It runs parallel to US Route 264 terminating at the coat south of Study Area . of US Route 13 is concurrent with US Route 64 a Bertie County on a north‐south heading .
US Route 264 , comprising approximately 215 mi and terminates at the North Carolina coast . This west roadway through Beaufort , Hyde and Dare US Route 64 northeast of the DCR . This is the on DCR to the rest of the state .
US Route 64 is an east‐west highway running fro Banks in Dare County . This highway is the primar Washington , Tyrrell and Dare Counties . Togethe the only highways through Dare , Hyde , Tyrrell , a
US Route 17 is a north‐south highway connectin This highway traverses western Beaufort County County to the north before exiting east at Winds to the Chesapeake and Portsmouth , VA .
NC Highway 12 begins at the terminus of US Rou coast and continues up the Outer Banks in Dare with US Route 158 northeast of the DCR and ter outside the Study Area . Two portions of NC High connecting the islands of the Outer Banks .
US Route 158 is an east‐west highway entirely w highway enters the JLUS Study Area in in Kitty Ha Dare County and travels south to the intersectio County northeast of the DCR .
US Route 13 originates outside of Fayetteville and travels through the City of Goldsboro west of Seymour Johnson AFB before heading east‐northeast for 517 miles before terminating north of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . A portion
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2.7 Transportation of US Route 13 is concurrent with US Route 64 and US Route 17 traversing  Bertie County on a north‐south heading.            The local roadway system consists of highways, primary arterials, minor  arterials, major and minor collectors, and local residential streets. The intent  of this local roadway system is to &fF\*&ƗG*L*66W7<*F*F\*f&W<*6VFW<*vF*F\*U<*7GVG*&V*L*F*6V7L*FV*F*FW,*6VFW<*WG6F\*F\*7GVG*&V* **FFF*6\*l*FW6\*&Gv<*6W'f\*F\*6VFW<*&W6FVG<*L*f6F'<*'*&fF|*FW'7FF\*L*&Vv*66W72*U<*&WF\*#cB*6&6|*&FVǜ*#\*֖W2*&Vv<*WG6F\*l*&Vv*L*FW&֖FW<*L*F\*'F*6&Ɩ*67B*F<*vv*<*F\*&'*V7N( vW7L*&Gv*F&Vv*&VVf'B*F\*L*F&\*6VFW<*&Vf&\*FW'6V7F|*U<*&WF\*cL*'FV7L*l*F\*D5"*F<*<*F\*ǜ*&Gv*6V7F|*F\*D5,*F*F\*&W7L*l*F\*7FFR* * * *F\*fv|*<**'&Vl*FW67&F*l*F\*G&7'FF*WGv&**F\*7GVG*&V* *U<*&WF\*cL*<**V7N( vW7L*vv*'V|*g&*&*F*F\*WFW,*&<**F&\*6VG*F<*vv*<*F\*&'*&Gv*F&Vv*v6wF*G'&V*L*F&\*6VFW2*FvWFW,*U<*&WFW<*#cL*L*cL*&\*F\*ǜ*vv<*F&Vv*F&R*FR*G'&V*L*v6wF*6VFW2*&Gv0U<*&WF\*|*<**'F( 6WF*vv*6V7F|*f&F*F*v6W7FW"*d*6WfW&*vv<*G&fW'6\*F\*7GVG*&V*vF*F\*V&W,*l*vv<*F<*vv*G&fW'6W<*vW7FW&*&VVf'L*6VG*6V7F|*L*F*&W'F\*FV7&V6|*<*\*fW<*V7L*F&Vv*F\*&Vv*F*F\*'F*6&Ɩ*67B* * * * * * * * *6VG*F*F\*'F*&Vf&\*WF|*V7L*L*vG6,*&Vf&\*VF|*'FV7L*F*F\*6W6V\*L*'G6WF*d*6WW,*6*d,*<*6FVL*6WFV7L*l*FW'7FF\*s\*( sR*F\**vv*vF*v\*6VG*<*U<*&WF\*s*F\*vv*&fFW<*66W7<*<*vv*,*&Vv<*L*F\*FW&֖W<*l*U<*&WF\*s *L*F\*'F*6&Ɩ*F*( \*L*&Vv*F*F\*vW7L*L*F\*67L*l*'F*6&Ɩ*F*F\*V7B*67L*L*6FVW<*W *F\*WFW,*&<**F&\*6VG*&Vf&\*FW'6V7F|*FW'7FF\*sR**#N( ֖\*6V7F*l*FfFVL*vv*<*F\*ǜ*FW'7FF\*vF*U<*&WF\*S*'FV7L*l*F\*D5,*L*FW&֖F|*L*6&*<*6FVL*vF*F\*7GVG*&V*L*F&V7Fǜ*6V7G<*F*U<*&WF\*#cL*L*( \*WG6F\*F\*7GVG*&V*Gv*'F<*l*<*vv*,*&\*fW'&W<*WG6F\*l*v6*<*F*F\*'F* *FW'7FF\*s\*&Vv<**F\*6G*l*6V7F|*F\*6G<*l*F\*WFW,*&2*vG6&&*L*F\*U<*&WF\*s *FW&6vR* **FvWFW,*( s\*<*#L*֖W<*r*U<*&WF\*S*<**V7N( vW7L*vv*VF&Vǜ*vF*'F*6&Ɩ*F\*vv*VFW'<*F\*U<*7GVG*&V***GG*v*|*F\*WFW,*&<**F&\*6VG*L*G&fV<*6WF*F*F\*FW'6V7F*l*U<*&WF\*cL**F&\*6VG*'FV7L*l*F\*D5"* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *U<*&WF\*s *<*F\**F&Vvf&\*F&Vv*F\*6G*l*vG6&&* *L*<*&VFVL*V7L*L*vW7L*L*6FVL*W7L*'F*l*6WW,*6*d"*L*'V<*&V*F*U<*&WF\*#cL*FW&֖F|*L*F\*6L*6WF*l*7GVG*&V* *U<*&WF\*<*&vFW<*WG6F\*l*fWGFWf\*L*G&fV<*F&Vv*F\*6G*l*vG6&&*vW7L*l*6WW,*6*d,*&Vf&\*VF|*V7N( 'FV7L*f,*S|*֖W<*&Vf&\*FW&֖F|*'F*l*FV*V7f* **'F*v\*.( #l**&6w&VL*&W'L*