JLUS Background Report - Page 51

2.5 Table 2-21. Housing Value and Trends Owner v. Renter Occupied Units, 2013 Housing trends are an important indicator of economic vitality because they  demonstrate population growth or decline relative to new residential  construction and represent market decisions relative to home ownership  versus rental properties. Housing trends indicate potential future  development and the types of residential and commercial uses.   Jurisdiction Owner Occupied Renter Occupied North Carolina 2,466,388 1,249,177 66.4% 33.6% 13,510 5,756 70.1% 29.9% Bertie County 5,747 1,882 75.3% 24.7% Dare County 10,340 4,284 70.7% 29.3% The following info X][۰ܝ^\p\[X\]0[0[0YYX[[۝pܛ[0\[Ypٰ\\[ܰ\[ R K0[0YYX[Yp[Y\][pTYp\XK0Xp $ p]pYX\\[X]\ܰۙ\[0[\\YY0[]][pYp\Xp\\X[ۜ˰0pXZܚ]pٰp\[[][pYp\Xp\\X[ۜ\pۙ\\YY 0^\0ܰp]Y\ٰ؛ܛ[0\[ۋ0X0]pۙ\\YY0\[Y\ۜY\Xp\[0p]p[0[p]\Y\˰0]0[p\[YY0]0X]\ppXZܚ]pٰ؜\[p]Y\0]0\p[][]Y\[0]ppY\][0ٰ[\\YY0Y\[p[ܙp\[0\X\ٰp\\[Y\˰00YH[H K  H ˍH B\[[H K LM ͍ K H B\[ۂ[H N K N ̋H ˍB ̌H N H H KB]Hق؛ܛ K H  H KB]Hق\[ۈ KL H L H Lˎ BX]Yܝ[B^[H[B[\\YY\NK˰[\\X]K0[Y\X[[][]p\^p x$YX\\[X]\0[XY0\[\X\\X0 x$ LXp $ p[p[YYX[[۝pܛ[ܰpY[ۋ]Y[ 0[0 L0pYYX[[0[ܙX\Y0pp[pٰ \[0 \[0[pYp\Xp\\X[ۜ˰\[\[$YX\[0]\p\\X[۰^\Y[Y0[[ܙX\N]\0ۛpp[Y\ٰ\YK0\K0[0Yp^\Y[Y0[[ܙX\pܙX]\[ L0\[0ٰpYX\ 0[Ypܰ[ ]0p[Yp[YK0]\p\\X[۰^\0\[0[p^\Y[Y0[00[ܙX\\]0p\\]p[p]\Yp]p]p[X0^p\YKXH Lp\p[YYX[[0[\]\\[\p[Y\[0p\\p[ݙppYp\XK0[\p[p]pYYX[[0[[0\\X[ۜ0^\0\p[K0X0۝^\[ݙ\[0YܙX[]pٰpYp\XKpY00ٰ[0\X]Y0]0\p[p\[0Z[pYpp\\p[\p[0^\]]pٰp]\[˰Xܛ[0\ܝ0ۙ\\YYYYX[[۝Hܛ[ 8$ L L L LY\[B\[[B\\X[ۈ ܝ\[H M N M IB^[H[H MH MH BX]Yܝ[H H N  MH B\YH[H N N  B\H[H  K L ̈ N BYH[H NH MBYp $ p