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Industry Estimate Table 2-18. Percent City of Goldsboro Jobs per Industry Sector Industry Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services 3,628 7.1% Other services, except public administration 2,935 5.8% Construction Public administration 3,770 7.4% Manufacturing Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, and Mining Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Economic  Characteristics, 2010‐2012  Wholesale Trade Retail Trade Estimate Percent 92 0.8% 368 3.1% 1,811 15.4% 336 2.9% 1,209 10.3% City of Goldsboro Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 435 3.7% The City of Goldsboro has a very diverse economy, supporting a variety of  industries including its military, agricultural, and historic heritage.  Due to the  city’s proximity to Seymour Johnson AFB, much of the county’s economic  profit is a result of the number of military and personnel working at the  installation. The city’s primary industries are education, healthcare, social  assistance, and manufacturing.   Information 158 1.3% Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing 388 3.3% Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services 650 5.5% Educational services, and health care and social assistance 3,167 27.0% Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services 1,102 9.4% 635 5.4% 1,392 11.9% The Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation, a non‐profit  organization, supports the improvement of Downtown Goldsboro. They  create and facilitate downtown development, promotions, and preservation  activities and provide downtown information. The organization strives to  enhance the appearance, desirability and vitality of this very important  economic and social center. They provide façade grants to downtown  property owners and organize and facilitate a variety of community events.  Other services, except public administration Public administration Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Economic  Characteristics, 2010‐2012  City of Washington Table 2‐18 shows the total jobs per industry sector in the City of Goldsboro.  The City of Washington takes pride in its historic relevance and has focused  on the preservation of the city’s historic architecture and agricultural roots.   Currently, the city serves as a major retail and services center for Beaufort  County.  Services include medical, small scale manufacturing, retail, tourism,  and agriculture.  However, the city has experienced impacts related to the  recent slow economy.   Table 2‐19 shows the total jobs per industry sector in  the City of Washington.  Source: http://www.dgdc.org/  Source: City of Washington, NC Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2013  Background Report    Page 2‐19