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Wayne County Tables 2‐16 and 2‐17 show the major employers and total jobs per industry  sector in Wayne County, respectively.  Although Seymour Johnson AFB is the county’s largest employer, the primary  industries in Wayne County are education, health care, social assistance, and  manufacturing.  In 2012, Seymour Johnson AFB employed over 7,600 military  and civilian personnel, producing a total economic impact of $527.4 million.   Although the agriculture sector only makes up only 5.5 percent of  employment in Wayne County, it is the third largest agricultural county in the  state, with the agri‐business making up about 22 percent of the county’s total  gross income.    Source: Partners in One Community Brochure; Wayne County Board of Commissioner  Minutes, 2010; http://www.waynegov.com/Page/16  Table 2-16. From early settlement to present day, tobacco, corn, wheat, soybeans,  cotton, oats, dairy, and poultry have been the main agricultural products  produced.  Pickles and relishes, furniture, textiles and technical equipment  are common manufactured goods produced within the county.  One of the  lead pickle manufacturers, the Mount Olive Company, is also located in  Wayne County. Due to the county’s climate, the area is able to experience a  growing season of up to 225 days out of the year.  Additionally, the county  has a variety of soils which allows for a high level of agricultural farming.    Employment Range Seymour Johnson AFB 1000+ Wayne County Board Of Education 1000+ Wayne Memorial Hospital 1000+ Wal-Mart 1000+ County of Wayne 500-999 Source: NC Commerce, Labor and Economic Analysis Division, 2014  Table 2-17. Wayne County Jobs per Industry Sector Industry Two organizations support Wayne County economic development, the  Wayne County Development Alliance and the Wayne County Chamber of  Commerce. The Wayne County Development Alliance is a cooperative public‐ private, non‐profit organization designed to provide the lead in economic  development initiatives for the advancement of Wayne County and its  citizens through the creation of meaningful jobs and purposeful capital  investments. The Development Alliance has six main program initiatives:  Product Development; Business Recruitment & Marketing; Business  Retention & Expansion; Education & Workforce Development; Seymour  Johnson Air Force Base; and Investor Relations. The Wayne County Chamber  of Commerce is a voluntary non‐profit organization of business and  professional persons who have joined together for the purpose of promoting  the civic and economic progress of our community.   Page 2‐18  Major Employers in Wayne County Major Employers Percent Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, and Mining 2,806 5.5% Construction 2,903 5.7% Manufacturing 7,498 14.8% Wholesale Trade 2,257 4.4% Retail Trade 5,463 10.8% Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 2,181 4.3% 854 1.7% Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing 1,723 3.4% Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services 2,764 5.4% Educational services, and health care and social assistance 11,962 23.6% Information   Estimate Background Report