JLUS Background Report - Page 47

Industry Estimate Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing 49 3.3% Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services 22 1.5% Educational services, and health care and X[\\[H NH MˍB KB\[\Z[Y[ [XܙX][ۋ[X[[][ۈ[\X\•XH LM \[\\X\^\XXYZ[\][ۈ L BXXYZ[\][ۈ LˎIBXZ܈[\Y\[\[ۈ[BXZ܈[\Y\‘[\[[B]\\\\[H L MNB\[ۈ[H\قYX][ۈ L MNB[Hو\[ۈ L LB^Y\Y]\\ L LB\[ۈ[H][ L LB\N[Y\K0Xܰ[0XۛZX[[\\]\[ۋ0 M0XH LMK\NT[\\X]K0[Y\X[[][]p\^K0[XY0XۛZX\X\\X0 L8$ L[\B\[ۈ[H؜\[\HX܂\[X]H\[YܚX[\Kܙ\K\[[[[[Z[[ H B\[ۈ[HۜX[ۈ KB\[۰[p\pYp[pٰ[\Y\]0\ܝ0p[x&\Xۛ^K00]0X[۰[X\[p[00X0pۙ\\p[0]\[Y[0X\] 0\[0\XY00X[YX\[\[Y\[0YܚX[\[0\X\0[\0\[۰[p\XpYY]0pYYٰ\\[\Y\˰0p[X\p[\Y\[\[۰[p\pYX][ۋ0X[0\K0X[0\\[K0[0X[YX\[˰X[YX\[ M N B\[HYH L͈ ˌB]Z[YH ͍H B[ܝ][ۈ[\Z\[[][]Y\ M BN K B[[H[[\[K[X[\]H[[[[X\[ LN Bٙ\[ۘ[ Y[YX[X[Y[Y[ [YZ[\]]H[\HX[Y[Y[\X\ N IBYX][ۘ[\X\[X[\H[X[\\[HML B\[\Z[Y[ [XܙX][ۋ[X[[][ۈ[\X\ L LB\\X\^\XXYZ[\][ۈ M͈ BXXYZ[\][ۈ KIB[ܛX][ۂX\ $ M0[0 $ MppXZܰ[\Y\[0[0؜\[\pXܰ[\[۰[K0\X][K\N˝\ۘ˛ܙY[\K[0\NT[\\X]K0[Y\X[[][]p\^K0[XY0XۛZX\X\\X0 L8$ LXܛ[0\ܝ0Yp $ M