JLUS Background Report - Page 44

Industry Estimate Percent Educational services, and health care and social assistance 5,110 26.9% Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services 1,678 8.8% Other services, except public administration 1,144 6.0% 878 4.6% Public administration Table 2-6. Major Employers Employment Range Perdue Products Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Economic  Characteristics, 2010‐2012  1000+ Bertie County Board of Education 500-999 NC Department of Public Safety 250-499 QSI 250-499 County of Bertie 100-249 Source: NC Commerce, Labor and Economic Analysis Division, 2014  Table 2-7. Bertie County Bertie County Jobs per Industry Sector Industry The primary industries in Bertie County include education, healthcare, social  assistance, and manufacturing. Bertie County also benefits from the Region Q  Workforce Investment Consortium, a regional workforce development  organization mentioned under Beaufort County.  Estimate Percent Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, and Mining 631 8.6% Construction 268 3.7% 1,643 22.5% Wholesale Trade 117 1.6% Retail Trade 558 7.6% Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 303 4.1% 51 0.7% Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing 193 2.6% Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services 428 5.9% 1,869 25.6% Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services 410 5.6% Other services, except public administration 231 3.2% Public administration 610 Manufacturing In 2008, a steering committee made up of local representatives established a  strategic plan for the county. The plan includes an economic development  mission, involving creating an environment that supports new and existing  businesses by upgrading and improving the infrastructure to promote  tourism, entrepreneurism, and the integration of technology by utilizing  existing community values and natural resources. The plan establishes goals  and strategies to achieve the mission. Some of the economic development  strengths the county possesses are proximity to highways, railroads, and  airports, a state‐of‐the art medical facility, and a number of vacant industrial  buildings.  Information Educational services, and health care and social assistance Tables 2‐6 and 2‐7 show the major employers and total jobs per industry  sector in Bertie County, respectively.  Source: Comprehensive Architectural 7W'fW*l*&W'F\*6VG*f*&W'B*#*&W'F\*6VG*V6֖<*FWfVVL*7G&FVv<**#*v\*.( L*"VW'2&W'FR6VG2P6W&6S*U<*6V7W<*'W&VR*W&6*6VG*7W'fW*6VV7FVL*V6֖<*6&7FW&7F72*#( #,**&6w&VL*&W'L*