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Tourism is a growing part of the county's economy. Having lost many  manufacturing jobs in the past 20 years, improving tourism efforts in the  county is a priority to improve its economy, which has suffered since the  Great Recession of 2008. From 2010 to 2011, the impact of domestic tourism  in Beaufort County increased by five percent. That increase is attributed to  attractions like the historic town of Bath, the City of Washington's restored  waterfront, the Aurora Fossil Museum, the Belhaven Memorial Museum and  Goose Creek State Park.  Tables 2‐4 and 2‐5 show the major employers and total jobs per industry  sector in Beaufort County, respectively.  Source: Beaufort County Economic Development  Table 2-4. Major Employers in Beaufort County Major Employers Employment Range Beaufort County Schools Two organizations are dedicated to improving Beaufort County’s economy,  the Beaufort County Committee of 100, located in Beaufort County, and  Region Q Workforce Investment Consortium, a regional workforce  development organization.  1000+ PCS Phosphate Company 500-999 East Carolina Health 250-499 Flanders Airpure NC Division 250-499 Wal-Mart 250-499 Source: NC Commerce, Labor and Economic Analysis Division, 2014  Beaufort County Committee of 100 is a private, non‐profit organization of  community and business leaders committed to improving Beaufort County.  The organization supports Beaufort County Economic Development efforts in  retaining existing business and growing and attracting new business. The  Committee of 100 was chartered in 1985 and since then has been involved in  many Beaufort County projects that have led to new development and new  jobs. The Committee also provides leadership in tackling issues in the  community relative to economic development.   Table 2-5. Beaufort County Jobs per Industry Sector Industry 1,379 7.3% Construction 1,410 7.4% Manufacturing 2,381 12.6% 387 2.0% 1,905 10.0% Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 604 3.2% Information 162 0.9% Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing 881 4.6% 1,051 5.5% Retail Trade Background Report  Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services   Percent Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, and Mining Wholesale Trade Region Q Workforce Investment Consortium, a public‐private partnership,  administers a five county system of workforce development programs that  prepare citizens for the workforce including those who are facing economic  disadvantage, job loss, and other barriers to employment. Serving Beaufort,  Bertie, Hertford, Martin and Pitt Counties, these programs also provide a  central point for businesses for listing jobs, applicant screening and  development of training systems.   Estimate Page 2‐13