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US Fish & Wildlife Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge ( ARNWR ) is a 152,000‐acre National Wildlife Refuge surrounding DCR , located in eastern North Carolina along the Atlantic Coast . DCR and ARNWR together make up more than 90 percent of the ownership of the Dare County mainland . The refuge was established on March 14 , 1984 to preserve and protect a unique wetland habitat type and its associated wildlife species . Along with wetland habitat and species management , the refuge has been working toward restoring the area to the previous historic water levels by plugging man‐made drainage ditches . The refuge also provides for the public opportunities for hunting , fishing , wildlife interpretation , observation , photography , and environmental education . Over 42,000 people visit the refuge annually , which is staffed by about 30 workers .
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2.3 Study Area Growth Trends
The following provides a profile of the Study Area ’ s trends concerning population change , economic development , housing stock , and transportation infrastructure , all of which establish the regional context for growth potential in the region .
The population data is based on information obtained from the US Census Bureau and shows the growth or decline within the Study Area . Table 2‐1 provides a comparison of the changes in population in the region between 2000 and 2010 , noting the percentage change over the decade .
Population levels overall fluctuated throughout the Study Area between 2000 and 2010 . Dare County experienced the highest population growth rate in the Study Area . Wayne , Beaufort , Bertie , and Ty relatively stable in population growth between 2 Washington County , along with the cities of Was decreases in population by 2010 . The City of Gol largest decrease of 8.45 percent with Washingto decline of 3.61 percent . While Hyde County and minimal decrease in population growth .
Table 2-1 .
Population Change 2000-2010 ;
Perce Increa
North Carolina 8,049,313 9,535,483 18.4 Wayne County 113,329 122,623 8.2
Beaufort County
44,958 47,759 6.2
Bertie County 19,773 21,282 7.6 Dare County 29,967 33,920 13.1 Hyde County 5,826 5,810 -0.2 Tyrrell County 4,149 4,407 6.2
Washington County
City of Goldsboro
13,723 13,228 -3.6
39,801 36,437 -8.4
City of
9,796 9,744 -0.5 Washington Source : US Census Bureau , 2000 Census counts and 2010 Office of State Budget and Management County / State Po Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan , 2008
Dare , Hyde , and Wayne Counties expect to see p coming decades . The population in Beaufort Co relatively stable . Bertie , Tyrrell , and Washington lose population in the future .
Background Report
US Fish & Wildlife Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge the Study Area. Wayne, Beaufort, Bertie, and Tyrrell counties remained  relatively stable in population growth between 2000 and 2010. Hyde and  Washington County, along with the cities of Washington and Goldsboro saw  decreases in population by 2010. The City of Goldsboro experienced the  largest decrease of 8.45  ɍ ݥѣ ]͡ѽ չ ͕ ) ̸ ɍл ] !呗 չ ѡ ]͡ѽ ͅ ) ɕ͗ ձѥ ɽѠ )Q ѽ Iٕ 9ѥ ] I՝ I9]H ȰÊAɗ )9ѥ ] I՝ ɽչ  H ѕ ѕɻ 9ѣ ɽ ) ѡ ѱѥ л  K I9]K ѽѡ ɗ ѡ )ɍ ѡ ݹ͡ ѡ ɗ չ Q ɕ՝ ݅ )х͡ 5ɍ г ѿ ɕ͕ٗ ɽѕ չ՗ ݕѱ )х ͽѕ ݥ ̻  ݥѣ ݕѱ х ) г ѡ ɕ՝ ݽɭ ѽ݅ɓ ɕѽɥ ѡ )ɕ ѿ ѡ ɕ٥ ѽɥ ݅ѕ ٕ ՝ A Ʌ )э̻ Q ɕ՝ Ϳ ɽ٥ ѡ Չ չѥ չѥ )͡ ݥ ѕɕхѥ ͕مѥ ѽɅ ٥ɽх )Սѥ =ٕ Ȱ ٥ͥ ѡ ɕ՝ Յ ݡ х ) ݽɭ̻ )Qȴĸ))ɥ͑ѥ)Mɍ ܹѕɉ̹ѽˊAɥٕˊAѥAݥAɕ՝ѵ )ܹ̹ؽɕ՝ѽ}ɥٕ )ݥɜݥѽ}Iٕ}9ѥ}]}I՝ (ȸ)MՑɕɽѠQɕ)Q ݥ ɽ٥ ɽ ѡ MՑ ɕe ɕ ɹ )ձѥ ٕг ͥ ѽ )Ʌхѥ ɅՍɔ ݡ хͣ ѡ ɕ ѕ )ɽѣ ѕѥ ѡ ɕ )Aɍ)%ɕ͔(9Ѡ ɽ̀԰̀ؔİ)]幔 չ̰Ȱ̀Ȕܰ) ՙ) չаܰظ̔ܰЀܰ) ѥ չ̀İȀܸ̔)ɔ չ܀̸̰䔀ܰ)!呔 չ԰؀԰ܔذȀذ)Qɕ չаа܀ظṴ̏܀̰)]͡ѽ) չ̸̰̰̀ĔȰԀİ) 䁽)͉ɼĀذ܀Ԕ9)م(؀Ѐ̔9)م9)م) 䁽)]͡ѽ(()Mɍ UO ɕԳ չ չ 9ѣ ɽ )= Mхї Ց 5 չMхї Aձѥ Aɽѥ ͉ɿ )Aɭ Iɕѥ ɕͥٗ A )Q ձѥ ч ͕ ɵѥ х ɽ ѡ UO ) ɕ ͡ ѡ ɽѣ ݥѡ ѡ MՑ ɕ Q ˊ@ )ɽ٥ ɥͽ ѡ ձѥ ѡ ɕ ݕ ( ѥ ѡ ɍх ٕ ѡ )ɔ !呔 ]幗 չѥ ѿ ͕ ձѥ ɽѣ ٕ ѡ ) ̻ Q ձѥ ՙ չ ѕ ѿ х )ɕѥٕ х ѥ Qɕ ]͡ѽ չѥ ɗ ѕ ѿ )͗ ձѥ ѡ ɔ )Aձѥ ٕ ٕɅ ՍՅѕ ѡɽ՝ ѡ MՑ ɕ ݕ ) ɗ չ ɥ ѡ ձѥ ɽѣ Ʌї ) ɽչ I )Aձѥ ɽѠѡɽ՝+ )A ˊ@