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Hyde County Located on the coast of northeastern South Carolina , Hyde County is situated south of Dare County and Route 64 , approximately 140 miles east of Seymour Johnson AFB and about 20 miles southwest of DCR . Hyde County covers approximately 1,424 square miles ; of this area 57 percent or 811 square miles is water . The County is the second largest county in North Carolina by area . Bordering Hyde County is Tyrrell County to the north , Dare County to the northeast , Carteret County to the southwest , Beaufort County to the west , Washington County to the northwest , and Atlantic Ocean to the south .
Surrounded by various bodies of water , swamps , and national wildlife refuges , the area consists of mostly farmlands and open space . The county also attracts tourists to the area , especially Ocracoke , which features a lighthouse and Fort Ocracoke .
Hyde County Government Center
Hyde County was created in 1705 and went through various boundary changes throughout its history . As of the 2010 Census , the population was 5,810 , making it the second‐least populous county in North Carolina . The unincorporated community of Swan Quarter serves as its county seat . Hyde County has no incorporated municipalities , but contains four censusdesignated places , Engelhard , Fairfield , Ocracoke , and Swan Quarter , and four unincorporated communities , Germantown , Last Chance , Nebraska , and Scranton .
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Background Report
Hyde County Located on the coast of northeastern South Carolina, Hyde County is situated  south of Dare County and Route 64, approximately 140 miles east of  Seymour Johnson AFB and about 20 miles southwest of DCR. Hyde County  covers approximately 1,424 square miles; of this area 57 percent or 811  square miles is water. The County is the second largest county in North  Carolina by area. Bordering Hyde County is Tyrrell County to the north, Dare  County to the northeast, Carteret County to the southwest, Beaufort County  to the west, Washington County to the northwest, and Atlantic Ocean to the  south.   Surrounded by various bodies of water, swamps, and national wildlife  refuges, the area consists of mostly farmlands and open space. The county  also attracts tourists to the area, especially Ocracoke, which features a  lighthous p[0ܝ0ܘXK0Yp[pݙ\Y[0[\Yp[p\ܙX]Y0[ M p[0[0Y0\[\[\p[\Y]0]\ܞK\ٰp L0[\0p[][۰\K L 0XZ[]0pXۙ8$X\0[\[p[ܝ0\[Kp[[ܜܘ]Y0[][]pٰ[]X\\\\\][pX] Yp[p\[ܜܘ]Y0][X\[]Y\0]0۝Z[\[\$\Yۘ]Y0X\0[[\ 0Z\Y[ 0ܘXK0[0[]X\\0[0\[[ܜܘ]Y0[][]Y\0\X[ۋ0\0[K0X\K0[0ܘ[ۋ\N˛ܝ\[Z\ܞKܙ[XYXKMMK[pXܛ[0\ܝ0Yp $ p