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5.25 Water Quality / Quantity ( WQQ )
Water quality / quantity concerns include the assurance that adequate water supplies of good quality are available for use by the installation and surrounding communities as the area develops . Water supply for agriculture and industrial use is also considered .
There were no issues identified for Water Quality / Quantity this JLUS .
Background Report
5.25 Water Quality / Quantity (WQQ) Water quality / quantity concerns include the assurance that adequate water  supplies of good quality are available for use by the installation and  surrounding communitie \p\Xp][˰]\\pܰYܚX[\p[0[\X[0\p\[ۜY\Y \p\p\Y\Y[YYY0ܰ]\]X[]p ]X[]p\T˰Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp Kx$ p