JLUS Background Report - Page 335

Figure 5.23‐4 illustrates the area where there is low and lacking cellular  coverage; these areas are candidates for a new communications towers.   The largest area with low / no cell coverage is located between Tyrrell and  Hyde counties. Three MTRs traverse this area – IR‐012, VR‐084, and VR‐073  with minimum published operating floors of 100 ft. AGL though low level  flight is limited to 500 ft. AGL in sparsely settled areas.  This area also  extends into Restricted Area R‐5314.     Table 5.23-3 Existing Towers within MTRs MTR Managed By Floor Elevation (Feet Above Ground Level) Tower Info IR-012 Segments D-H Seymour Johnson 500 AGL (Segments D-E) 2000 MSL (Segments E-H) 9 towers / antennas: 200 – 1021 feet AGL VR-042 Segments A-C Seymour Johnson 500 AGL None noted in segments A-C VR-043 Segments J-M Seymour Johnson 200 AGL 2 towers / antennas: 200-250 feet AGL VR-054 NAS Oceana 100 AGL None noted IR-062 Segments A-C, K-M NAS Oceana 3000 MSL (Segments A-C & K-M) None noted VR-071 NAS Oceana 100 AGL None noted VR-073 Segments C-L Seymour Johnson 100 AGL (Segment C-F & G-L) 1000 AGL (Segment G-H) 6 towers / antennas: 200 – 380 feet AGL VR-084 Segments E-I Seymour Johnson 100 AGL 7 towers / antennas: 150-1021 feet AGL VR-085 Seymour Johnson 500 AGL (Segments A-G & H-E1) 5000 AGL (Segments G-H) 2 towers / antennas: 250 – 300 feet AGL IR-718 Segment I-J NAS Oceana 7000 MSL (Segments I-J) None noted IR-719 Segment H-I NAS Oceana 5000 MSL (Segments H-I) None noted VR-1046 Segments I-L1 MCAS Cherry Point 500 AGL (Segments I-L1) None noted VR-1713 Segments F-H Andrews AFB 100 AGL (Segments F-H) 1 tower: 300 feet AGL VR-1753 Se Y[KRTX[H L Q YY[KR H \ [[\Έ M Y]QLMNHYY[RTX[H L Q YY[R H \ [[\Έ L LLMY]Q\N0Y0[ܛX][۰XX][۰\Xp[[U0[p MBXܛ[0\ܝ0Yp K$ L