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Therefore , the Zoning Code lacks the clarity of how an application for a structure is assessed for compliance with the imaginary surfaces associated with Seymour Johnson AFB as part of the planning process .
In the absence of the proper tools to assess compliance with the imaginary surfaces , the city must rely on the review of Seymour Johnson AFB .
Additionally , the Zoning Ordinance does not consider or require an applicant to provide an FAA‐issued Determination of No Hazard through an Obstruction Evaluation as required by 14 CFR Part 77.9 . This regulation states that any person / organization who intends to sponsor any of the following construction or alterations must notify the Administrator of the FAA :
• Any construction or alteration exceeding 200 ft . AGL ; or
• Any construction or alteration :
� Within 20,000 ft of a military airport which exceeds a 100:1 surface from any point on the runway of each airport with its longest runway more than 3,200 ft .
� Within 10,000 ft . of a military airport which exceeds a 50:1 surface from any point on the runway of each airport with its longest runway no more than 3,200 ft .
Wayne County Zoning Ordinance Section 50.8 of the Wayne County Zoning Ordinance outlines the Airport Height Overlay to promote the safe conduct of aircraft in the vicinity of an airport , to prevent creation of conditions hazardous to aircraft operation , to prevent loss of life and property , and to encourage development which is compatible with airport use characteristics . Within the Overlay , no structure is allowed to be constructed or maintained that would exceed maximum imaginary surface heights by less than ten feet .
Background Report
The Wayne County regulation is similar to the C that it only specifies compliance with the imagin indicate how this is accomplished . Because dete complies with the imaginary surfaces is based o of the structure , the structure height above gro airfield , and which imaginary surface the structu to know whether a structure is in compliance b a given point in three dimensional space relativ elevation .
The Overlay also does not require a coordinated Seymour Johnson AFB though this a requiremen Bill 254 , enacted in 2013 General Assembly Ses notification to the base military commander of telecommunication towers which are typically t vertical obstruction .
Additionally , the Zoning Ordinance does not con to provide an FAA‐issued Determination of No H Obstruction Evaluation as required by 14 CFR P
• Though the City of Goldsboro Zoning Ord requirement for compliance with the Sey Study relative to vertical obstructions , th how a development application is assess not require an FAA Determination of No
• Though Wayne County has adopted an A Land Use Code which includes a requirem FAA Part 77 regulations for vertical obstr address how a development application does not require a formal coordinated re AFB , and does not require an FAA Determ
Therefore, the Zoning Code lacks the clarity of how an application for a  structure is assessed for compliance with the imaginary surfaces associated  with Seymour Johnson AFB as part of the planning process.       The Wayne County regulation is similar to the City of Goldsboro regulation in  that it only specifies compliance with the imaginary surfaces but does not  indicate how this is accomplished. Because determining whether a structure  complies with the imaginary surfaces is based on the georeferenced location  of the structure, the structure height above ܛ[0][0[]]ppZ\Y[ 0[0X0[XY[\p\XppX\p\][0]0\0Xpۛ]\pX\p\[\X[pX]\p]0\\[[0۰p][[0[Yp[Y[[ۘ[0Xp[]]pp^\[Z\Y[0[]][ۋ0000[pX[pٰp\\\\X[p]0p[XY[\p\X\0p]p]\0[p۰p]Y]ٰ^[[\۰Q0000Y][ۘ[K0pۚ[ܙ[[p\0ۜY\ܰ\]Z\p[\X[0ݚYp[Px$\YY0]\Z[][۰ٰ^\0Y0[؜X[۰][X][۰\\]Z\Y0p M0є\0 ˎK\Y[][۰]\]0[p\ۋܙ[^][۰[[ۜܰ[pٰp[ۜX[۰ܰ[\][ۜ]\0YppYZ[\]ٰܰpPN0k[pۜX[۰ܰ[\][۰^YY[ 0 Qܰk[pۜX[۰ܰ[\][ێ0pݙ\^p[\0\]Z\ppܙ[]Y0]Y]]0^[[\۰QY0\p\]Z\[Y[0\ܝ0\[p\p[0 M 0[XY0[ L[\[0\[Xp\[۰X0\]Z\\YX][۰p\pZ[]\p[X[\ٰ[\[][[X[][X][۰\X0\p\X[pp[0Z[pܙX]pp\X[0؜X[ۋ00000][ 00ٰpZ[]\pZ\ܝ0X0^YYp L p\Xpp[p[0۰p[^pٰXX0Z\ܝ0]0]ۙ\0[^p[ܙp[ 0 Y][ۘ[K0pۚ[ܙ[[p\0ۜY\ܰ\]Z\p[\X[0ݚYp[Px$\YY0]\Z[][۰ٰ^\0Y0[؜X[۰][X][۰\\]Z\Y0p M0є\0 ˎK0000000000][ L 0 ٰpZ[]\pZ\ܝ0X0^YYp Lp\Xpp[p[0۰p[^pٰXX0Z\ܝ0]0]ۙ\0[^p[ܙp[ 0 [[•^[H[Hۚ[ܙ[[BX[۰ L 0ٰp^[p[pۚ[ܙ[[p][\pZ\ܝ0ZY0ݙ\^p[ppYpۙX0ٰZ\ܘY0[pX[]pٰ[Z\ܝ 0][0ܙX][۰ٰۙ][ۜ^\\Z\ܘY0\][ۋ0][0ٰYp[0\K0[0[\Yp][Y[0X0\\]Xp]0Z\ܝ0\p\X\\X˰][pݙ\^K0X\p\[Y0pۜXY0ܰXZ[Z[Y0]0[0^YY0X^[][p[XY[\p\XpZYp\[[Y] 0Xܛ[0\ܝ0kY0p]pٰ؛ܛۚ[ܙ[[p[Y\p\]Z\[Y[0ܰ\X[p]0p^[[\۰QRPVYp[]]p\X[0؜X[ۜ0pY[][۰\0Y\p][Y[0\X][۰\\\Y0ܰ\X[p[0\0\]Z\p[Pp]\Z[][۰ٰ^\ 00kY0^[p[p\YY0[Z\ܝ0ZY0ݙ\^p[p[0\ppX0[Y\p\]Z\[Y[0ܰ\X[p]0pPp\0 Y[][ۜܰ\X[0؜X[ۜpݙ\^p\0Y\p][Y[0\X][۰\\\Y0ܰ\X[K0\0\]Z\ppܛX[0ܙ[]Y0]Y]p^[[\۰Q0[0\0\]Z\p[Pp]\Z[][۰ٰ^\ 00Yp K$p