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Wayne County Zoning Ordinance Section 50.8 of the Wayne County Zoning Ordinance outlines the Airport Height Overlay . The purpose of the Overlay is to promote the safe conduct of aircraft in the vicinity of an airport , to prevent creation of conditions hazardous to aircraft operation , to prevent loss of life and property , and to encourage development which is compatible with airport use characteristics .
Within the Overlay , no use is allowed within the regulated area that would interfere with navigation , radio communication , or otherwise create a hazard to aircraft operations . Additionally , no structure is allowed to be constructed or maintained that would exceed maximum imaginary surface heights less ten feet . The imaginary surfaces are taken from Federal Aviation Regulations , Part 77 promulgated by the FAA and DOD Unified Facility Criteria 3‐260‐01 Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design . The Airport Height Overlay is divided into sub‐areas consistent with the FAA Part 77 .
Table 5.23‐2 provides analysis of allowable building heights for each zoning district in Wayne County where they occur in each imaginary surface . Green indicates compatibility and yellow indicates potential incompatibility , depending on the structure height .
Determining whether a structure constitutes a vertical obstruction is based on the georeferenced location of the structure , the structure height above ground level relative to the airfield , and which imaginary surface the structure is within . Therefore , it is not possible to know whether a structure constitutes a vertical obstruction without knowing and assessing these factors . However , the following information is provided for guidance purposes .
• Incompatible development can include n structures , within imaginary surfaces , and Approach‐Departure Clearance Surfaces at Seymour Johnson AFB .
• There is only one vertical obstruction sur AFB which is a communications tower loc Surface .
Height Regulations Surroun AFB Need to enhance the City of County regulations for height surfaces . Regulations only ref FAA Part 77 , but lack clarity o applied .
Compatibility Assessment Jurisdictions surrounding a military installation various vertical obstructions and how they can operations and missions . General development energy conservation systems or any other struc causing incompatible development can ultimate day‐to‐day activity .
Incompatible maximum heights within a jurisdic obstruction for both military and civilian aviatio development is located within the military oper occur .
Background Report
Findings Wayne County Zoning Ordinance Section 50.8 of the Wayne County Zoning Ordinance outlines the Airport  Height Overlay.  The purpose of the Overlay is to promote the safe conduct  of aircraft in the vicinity of an airport, to prevent creation of conditions  hazardous to aircraft operation, to prevent loss of life and property, and to  encourage development which is compatible with airport use  characteristics.   Within the Overlay, no use is allowed within the regu ]Y0\Xp]0[0[\\p]0]Y][ۋ0Y[[][X][ۋ0ܰ\\pܙX]pp^\0Z\ܘY0\][ۜ˰Y][ۘ[K0X\p\[Y0pۜXY0ܰXZ[Z[Y0]0[0^YY0X^[][p[XY[\p\XpZY\[Y] 0p[XY[\p\X\\pZ[pY\[0]X][۰Y[][ۜ0\0 ][]Y0ppPp[00[YYY0X[]pܚ]\Xp $ 8$ pZ\Y[0[0[\ܝ0[[[0\Yۋ0pZ\ܝ0ZY0ݙ\^p\]YY0[X$\X\ۜ\[0]0pPp\0 ˰0[\]Xp][Y[0[[Yp]\[0ܰX[$XYpX\\0][[XY[\p\X\0[0\X[\p\X8$\\\pX\[p\X\\X]Y0]0p[^\]0^[[\۰Qk\p\ۛpۙp\X[0؜X[۰\[[^[[\۰QX0\p[][X][ۜ\]Y0[p[\ܚ^۝[0\XK00TQp$ ZY0Y[][ۜ\[[^[[\۰QYY0[[pp]pٰ؛ܛ[0^[p[pY[][ۜܰZYٰX\\[[XY[\p\X\˰Y[][ۜۛpY\[ppRPVYpܰPp\0 0]0X\]p۰\pݚ\[ۜ\p\YY 0Xp K$ ݚY\[[\\ٰ[XpZ[[ZYܰXX0ۚ[\X0[^[p[p\p^p\[XX0[XY[\p\XKܙY[[X]\\]X[]p[0Y[[X]\[X[0[\]X[]K0\[[۰pX\pZY 0\]X[]H\\Y[\\X[ۜ\[[pZ[]\p[[][۰YY0p]\pٰp\[\\X[0؜X[ۜ[0^p[[\X0p[[][ۜ\][ۜ[0Z\[ۜ˰0[\[0][Y[ 0\0\[\0[0[\pۜ\][۰\[\ܰ[p\X\\]0\p\Xpٰ]\[[\]Xp][Y[0[[[X][pX][[[[][۸&\^x$$^pX]]K00]\Z[[]\pX\pۜ]]\p\X[0؜X[۰\\Y0۰p[ܙY\[Y0][۰ٰpX\K0pX\pZY0Xݙpܛ[0][0[]]ppZ\Y[ 0[0X0[XY[\p\XppX\p\][0\YܙK0]0\0Xpۛ]\pX\pۜ]]\p\X[0؜X[۰]]0ۛ[[0\\[\pXܜ˰0]\0p[[ܛX][۰\ݚYY0ܰZY[p\\˰0000Xܛ[0\ܝ0k[\]XpX^[][pZY][p\\X[۰[ܙX]pp\X[0؜X[۰ܰ0Z[]\p[0][X[]X][۰\][ۜ0\X[\pY][Y[0\]Y0][pZ[]\p\][\X\\p\][ۜ\00Yp K$